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26.02.2021 18:20

Government Issues New Guidelines for Regulating Social Media and OTT Platforms

On Thursday, the Central Government issued new guidelines for the regulation of social media and OTT platforms to restrain the exploitation of content.

The Union ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar briefed the media, welcoming social media companies to operate and do business in India and applauding them for gathering such immense popularity and a good number of users. Moreover, they praised these platforms for empowering the average users with the power of technology.

However, the ministers said that the double standards of social media won’t be acceptable anymore and that regulating the actions of social networking companies in India has become crucial. These companies need to obey the Constitution and laws of India. To do so, the Centre has demanded the establishment of a quick grievance redressal mechanism.


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19.02.2021 21:41

Understanding Branding vs. Marketing – the Difference and Its Importance

People hear the term ‘marketing’ so many times, and yet they fail to realize that there is so much more below the surface that goes into ‘marketing’ a brand.

For instance, there is branding then there is marketing.

Marketing and Branding.

Branding and Marketing. Honestly speaking, things can get quite complicated without having clarity on the basics in the first place. So, to begin with, marketing and branding are two different things, and without knowing the difference between them, it is impossible to understand why your business needs both.

Probably by now, you might be wondering what it is that you need to know about them. And that’s exactly what this blog will discuss.


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18.02.2021 21:36

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right KPIs for Your Business

Accumulating and auditing data encourages you to make better decisions and helps you proactively spot, nurture, and reverse trends. Even though it is believed the more data you have, the better, a surfeit of data can actually paint a clashing picture of the performance of your business.

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators help you filter out and get straight to what is big of a deal for your business. But there are numerous factors that you need to take into consideration before promoting a metric into the omnipotent KPI slot. And even though you have already determined which key performance indicators will lead your strategic decisions, specific supporting metrics can ensure your business is on the right track to achieve your KPI goals.


Though businesses use both KPIs as well as metrics to calculate some facet of the performance, and key performance indicators fall within the broader definition of metrics, the


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16.02.2021 21:11

A Step by Step Guide to Conduct a Social Media Audit

We all know the importance of having a substantial social presence today, and this blog will discuss why running a social media audit is necessary and how you should do it. But before we dive into why and how, let’s first talk about what it is.

Social media audit can be defined as a process that involves analyzing your business metrics to evaluate growth, opportunities, and steps you can take to optimize your social presence.

Now that’s a fairly reasonable thing to do. In essence, a social media audit helps you find out where your business currently stands, whether or not your existing strategy is delivering the desired results, and what you should do next.

The primary reason businesses run a social media audit is to find out:

  • The total number of followers they are gaining every month viz. follower growth
  • ...>>>

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16.02.2021 19:29

Google Ads: What Are Audiences & How to Use Them in Your Campaign

Google Ads is hands down one of the best advertising platforms out there to put your brand in front of your target audience and grow your business. It provides the advertisers with some unique features and tools, unlike any other advertising platform. However, in order to make the most out of your advertising efforts, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding.

Do you know what “audiences” are in paid media? If not, then you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about audiences in paid media, how you can use them in your campaigns effectively and when you should adjust your audience strategy. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive into the detail.

Note: This blog only covers audiences from the Google suite of ad channels.


Audiences can be defined as specific groups of users who have:


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12.02.2021 18:23

Video Marketing: How to Determine the Ideal Length for Your Videos?

Are you familiar with the term “video marketing?”

Well, in case you are not yet aware of it, you should know it is incredible! And we are not just saying it reliable data back this statement. You can look up the statistics on the web yourself!

Customers are increasingly purchasing from brands whose video ads they have viewed earlier. In fact, video marketers also agree that videos help them make their target consumers better understand their brand’s products and services.

When it comes to video marketing, businesses typically get stuck with two primary questions:

  • What type of videos should we create?
  • How long should our videos ideally be?

That is precisely what we will discuss in this blog to help you successfully make the most out of


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03.02.2021 21:33

How Can E-Commerce Startups Stand Out Using Digital Marketing?

Time has never been more favorable for eCommerce than now. In the light of the downturn brought about by this pandemic, eCommerce has given salvation for the businesses and customers worldwide to carry on a bit of pretense of a normal life amid the strenuous lockdowns. It was the fear of the coronavirus that led even the most traditional consumers and those from second and third-tier markets to look up their requirements online. And now, even as life is gradually stumbling back to normality, we all have become used to the new way of living our life the eCommerce upsurge is not showing any signs of dropping off, at least not anytime soon.

During this period, a significant shift has been observed in consumer behavior, with most people increasingly inclined towards online shopping, including many first timers. Moreover, according to reliable reports, the eCommerce sector is recording higher GMVs (Gross Merchandising Values) in contrast


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29.01.2021 19:06

5 Reasons a Web Developer Should Understand the Basics of Digital Marketing

Being a web developer requires a great range of skill sets, and we are not just talking about proficiency in programming. And in case you think that the mere expertise in programming is sufficient for you to become successful, you are seriously missing out on something crucial here. You need to have a good grasp of all the concepts of digital marketing and SEO, and if you run a web development business or are an entrepreneur, this becomes all the more essential for you.

In this blog, we will discuss five reasons why understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for your career as a web developer. Without wasting any time, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

  1. Allows You to Work Individually

When a client visits you with all the website specifications, and you are only aware of how you can


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27.01.2021 17:08, Австралия Смотреть на карте

5 Tips to Find Your Footing and Create a Successful Company Blog

Have you been considering starting a blog for your company? If yes, then you are about to make one of the best decisions for the future of your business. According to the study, people tend to connect more with organizations that offer them meaningful and top quality content. And what's a better way to do this if not through an active company blog?

Moreover, even for online stores, becoming successful is not a piece of cake unless they too are publishing blog posts on their website. Why? Because if there is no content for the people to read, they don’t actually have any reason to stay on your website unless, of course, they are there to make a purchase especially. To put it another way, without posts to read, you won’t receive much traffic and engagement from site visitors.

That is to say, if you are thinking about starting a company blog, you should definitely go ahead without


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25.01.2021 19:21

4 Helpful Tips to Cash in on Your PPC Campaign

Almost ⅔ of the total clicks made by the users performing online search queries and who are ready to buy something go to paid advertising, i.e., PPC ads. In point of fact, last year, this is what helped generate the majority of the search engine giant Google’s revenue.

Sad to say, numerous business owners, even today, do not know that they can actually pay less to Google and still gain excellent results. So, if you are ready to utilize pay-per-click ads for your brand and want to maximize your PPC campaigns and wring as much as possible out of every single buck that you put in for marketing, this post is exactly what you need to make it happen.

In this article, we will discuss certain strategies and efforts that have proven to yield excellent results for businesses over the years. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive into the details.


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23.01.2021 07:46

5 Top Web Design Trends That Will Storm the Web This Year

Last year turned out to be a turbulent period, from the everlasting pandemic to a new surge of movements demanding social justice to a highly disputed presidential election. While most of us fail to realize how wider social events and technological developments influence design, web designers must be informed about broader trends, mainly when designing sites for the rapidly changing web.

As we have stepped into a new year and are about to start designing for the web, we must take several rising trends into account springing from last year. From a more significant emphasis on inclusive design to offering more immersive web experiences, these emerging trends will plan the future for web design in 2021 and beyond.

What follows is a list of five top web design trends that we think will dominate the internet in 2021. However, if you wish to utilize these web designs in your work, ensure that you have the appropriate


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13.01.2021 19:19

Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Boost Sales Even During a Crisis

Earlier businesses employed the brick and mortar model to become successful by giving customers a reason to visit their physical stores, such as compelling experiences coupled with live events and unique exclusive in-store services. This approach proved effective in driving more visitors to their shop and boosting the conversions. It typically made clients stay longer, purchase more products, and thus spend more with them.

Then as if the market competitors weren’t enough that the pandemic arrived out of nowhere, becoming the real competitor for brick and mortar business establishments. Companies responded to this crisis with all their power, and while some emerged as winners, some unfortunately failed. And now the businesses have found the correct solution against this pandemic – having a robust digital marketing strategy.


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