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25.01.2021 19:21

4 Helpful Tips to Cash in on Your PPC Campaign

Almost ⅔ of the total clicks made by the users performing online search queries and who are ready to buy something go to paid advertising, i.e., PPC ads. In point of fact, last year, this is what helped generate the majority of the search engine giant Google’s revenue.

Sad to say, numerous business owners, even today, do not know that they can actually pay less to Google and still gain excellent results. So, if you are ready to utilize pay-per-click ads for your brand and want to maximize your PPC campaigns and wring as much as possible out of every single buck that you put in for marketing, this post is exactly what you need to make it happen.

In this article, we will discuss certain strategies and efforts that have proven to yield excellent results for businesses over the years. So, without wasting another moment, let’s dive into the details.


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23.01.2021 07:46

5 Top Web Design Trends That Will Storm the Web This Year

Last year turned out to be a turbulent period, from the everlasting pandemic to a new surge of movements demanding social justice to a highly disputed presidential election. While most of us fail to realize how wider social events and technological developments influence design, web designers must be informed about broader trends, mainly when designing sites for the rapidly changing web.

As we have stepped into a new year and are about to start designing for the web, we must take several rising trends into account springing from last year. From a more significant emphasis on inclusive design to offering more immersive web experiences, these emerging trends will plan the future for web design in 2021 and beyond.

What follows is a list of five top web design trends that we think will dominate the internet in 2021. However, if you wish to utilize these web designs in your work, ensure that you have the appropriate


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13.01.2021 19:19

Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Boost Sales Even During a Crisis

Earlier businesses employed the brick and mortar model to become successful by giving customers a reason to visit their physical stores, such as compelling experiences coupled with live events and unique exclusive in-store services. This approach proved effective in driving more visitors to their shop and boosting the conversions. It typically made clients stay longer, purchase more products, and thus spend more with them.

Then as if the market competitors weren’t enough that the pandemic arrived out of nowhere, becoming the real competitor for brick and mortar business establishments. Companies responded to this crisis with all their power, and while some emerged as winners, some unfortunately failed. And now the businesses have found the correct solution against this pandemic – having a robust digital marketing strategy.


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11.01.2021 18:26

Google My Business Rolls Out New Performance Reporting

Google My Business is now introducing new performance reports that users can access within GMB under the “Insights” section. There have been numerous hints about the launch of these reports, once in August and then last month again. However, now the platform has officially rolled it out to the public. Users can now access it from their GMB profile and try it out themselves.


Google has recently launched this new update, and with this release, users will be able to directly access more key profile metrics from their GMB profile. Users can now log in to their Google My Business profile and access these new reports by clicking on the “Insights” option. However, as of now, users might notice a notification that says, “Your insights are moving…” at the top of the page, and right below that notification, there will be a “See new profile performance.” Click on it to access your new performance report.


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06.01.2021 19:15, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Why Is Consistency Important in Blogging?

One of the most popularly used phrases for blogging success is – be consistent that we keep on hearing almost every day!

But even then, in most cases, when you ask a business if they have an active blog or not, usually you’ll get a response somewhere between ‘yeah, kind of’ and ‘not really.’

With so many things going on around them, businesses often tend to forget about one of the most potent tools they have available at their disposal – their own blog! Why?

Simply put, blogging is an incredible way of making yourself heard in the online world. And the more you are heard, the more are your chances for traffic and lead generation.

Blogging consistently and strategically will help you boost your Google ranking, drive more traffic to your website, and increase your conversion rate.


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30.12.2020 18:06, Австралия Смотреть на карте

What Would Success for New Search Engines Look Like?

Since the early 2000s, Google has been the most popularly used search engine across the world. Over this period, from being just another typical Silicon Valley startup and longshot to becoming the protector of the internet, controlling algorithms with enormous business implications and building a reputation for spreading its business into various areas in the name of offering an improved user experience.

In recent times, the increased inspection over its business practices has resulted in government regulators getting tough on anticipated wrongdoings, and a fraction of users have also demonstrated a little inclination towards a more privacy-oriented search experience. Google is also facing opposition from other search engines regarding how it is presenting search engine alternatives to Android users in Europe.


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29.12.2020 16:27, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Understanding the Evolving Role of Data Analytics in Digital Marketing

From Digital Marketing’s rise to evolution, data analytics has played a paramount role. If you look into it carefully, you can actually feel it fueling the digital marketing’s engine. However, your data’s quality and the inference you draw out of it determines your digital marketing efforts’ success. As per reports, the majority of the global population is actively using the internet today. This results in a prodigious amount of digital shadow, allowing the marketers to go to great lengths by examining consumer behavior.

Understanding consumer behavior, presenting appropriate offerings, and targeting them has always been marketing’s essence. However, data has introduced much-needed accuracy to be present for the right people at the right place and that too at the right time. Not long ago, most marketing efforts used to rely on conjectures since there was no ready-to-digest analytics available to tell us if the idea


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28.12.2020 20:18, г. Mount Isa, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Best Practices for Creating Google My Business Posts That Gets Results

Creating a Google My Business profile is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract your target audience’s attention towards your brand and boost your local business’ rankings.

However, working with Google My Business can get a bit mind-boggling, considering its numerous features. Among all these features, there is one that you should use – GMB posts.

These posts enable businesses to promote their brand, products, services, events, offers, and much more.

Your Google My Business posts are shown at the end of the GMB Knowledge Panel, and these are an excellent means to showcase what your brand has got to offer the audience.


Crafting GMB posts is no rocket science, but before you get started with the creation process, you must be aware of the GMB Posts content Policy.


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23.12.2020 19:17, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Tips to Perform Year-End Audit to Gain Future Insights

As much as it seemed impossible for businesses to survive, we have successfully made it to the end of this year. No doubt, it has been a “different” year for most of the search marketers.

Intriguing challenges cropped up, with many businesses having a narrowed budget or even modified strategies to succeed during the darkest days of the year.

In fact, some lucky businesses saw digital growth in particular vertical markets throughout the year, which actually granted them the ability to test out new concepts. So if anything, this year has actually compelled the search marketers to think differently.

This presents an excellent opportunity to analyze your digital campaigns and, in evasion of smugness, scrutinize your year to determine the success that might help you in the next year.

In this blog, we will go through the five areas that will help you obtain future insight.


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22.12.2020 17:15

Ways to Prevent Your Website From Showing to Users in Irrelevant Areas

In the SEO world, site owners face a lot of problems — from optimizing their websites to producing engaging content. However, sometimes SEOs also encounter issues where their web page(s) ranks very well, but the traffic it brings in is not really relevant to their local business. Every site owner loves getting traffic, but it can get frustrating when it is irrelevant to your business.

While it is impossible to tell whether that particular page is harming or helping the rest of your website in the search results without knowing the whole situation specifically, there are a few ways to prevent your site from showing to users in irrelevant areas.

However, be careful before you take any step, as it may result in a few unwanted side effects. Take the time to analyze your whole website and its search performance, and then decide whether or not you should go ahead with these methods.


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18.12.2020 17:51

Is Blogging Really Necessary – Should Your Organization Do It or Not?

Being a part of the SEO world, if someone asks you why they need to blog, just like any other marketer, probably the first thought that crosses your mind will be – you need to do it everybody else is doing it.

Nowadays, website blogs have become a basic element on sites. But due to the blogs becoming such a common feature on sites, a lot of businesses are terribly failing when it comes to blogging correctly.

In the last couple of years, the blog has been an excellent way of targeting keywords and earning good SEO rankings for your site. Undoubtedly, blogging comes with its own set of advantages – from helping you establish yourself as a content authority and engaging your audience to strengthen your SEO efforts by drawing more links. But taking into account how SEO is becoming extensive, including content


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17.12.2020 17:34, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Are Keyword-Heavy Titles Not Against Google’s Guidelines?

There is a bit of confusion surrounding keyword-heavy titles and descriptions, and Google's John Mueller has clarified it as a common practice that does not violate the search engine's webmaster guidelines.

Recently, during Google Search Central  SEO  live stream, this topic was addressed. An SEO professional told Mueller that very often, they see small businesses drenching their titles and descriptions with commercial keywords even after being advised not to do so.

For example, you must have come across some local business' website with a description that looked like - “birthday caterers Florida, wedding caterers Florida, corporate caterers Florida, theme party caterers Florida…” and so on. This is pretty common to spot online.

While these aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing, one can often find pages with such descriptions acquiring


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