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26.10.2019 09:25

The real way people get rich though is through Staking

The real way people get rich though is through Staking. Odds Staking, or only regular. You can easily go from 100M to 1000M in only a few bets. In fact, if you begin with 250M and old school runescape gold, you just need to win 2 stakes in a row to visit 1 billion. That's 250M -> 500M -> 1000M. Obviously the chances are you'll lose one or both, but 25 percent of the time you need to win both and go right to 1 Billion.

To acquire your first pile of gold, you can skip a lot of the time and grinding demanded by simply purchasing from a golden site like rsgoldfast.com. They market 100M for like $85 USD. Then you can use this to jump ahead to merchanting or staking and earn money much faster. So keep this in mind.


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