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Ярослав Стаховский на дне рождении Стаса Малиновского и презентации дизайнерски

Смотреть 'Ярослав Стаховский  на дне рождении Стаса Малиновского и презентации дизайнерски'

Представляем Вам фото Ярослава Стаховского 
на дне рождении Стаса Малиновского и презентации дизайнерских украшений Донны Луны в DJ-кафе "Арбат 9". 

еще больше фотографий  на официальном сайте Ярослава Стаховского - http://www.stakhovskiy.com/



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23.07.2010 19:52

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As most of you know by now, GLAAD called out the Today Show for having a wedding contest and excluding LGBT couples. The Today Show & NBC fired back saying, because marriage equality does not exist in NY State ( that is the most people wear in nfl jerseys), same-sex couples can’t win the prize. GLAAD called BS and said that NY State recognizes out of state same-sex marriage and the prize is a wedding, not a marriage. GLAAD is organizing a massive campaign to get LGBT couples involved in the contest and end the discrimination. The LGBT community has responded en masse to GLAAD’s call to action.

The Today Show has not changed their policy although they do want to sit down with GLAAD. This Friday, LGBT ally (and bisexual?) Lady Gaga (wear christian louboutin) will be performing on the show. LGR would like to ask the Lady to please protest the Today Show by cancelling her appearance until they


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