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07.06.2021 12:03

Why Regulating Content On OTT Platforms Is A Bad Idea.

In the ocean of the internet, there are platforms both small and large that provide and release content for a wide range of audiences. And given the fact that millions of hours of content are pushed online every day, it is no surprise that it is hard for service providers and platforms to comply and follow censorship guidelines all the time. Regulating content on OTT platforms has become a new trend across nations to control or eliminate content against their morals, traditions, or culture.

Content censorship and regulating laws have their drawbacks first and foremost, it restricts and denies the freedom of expression to both the creator and viewer, restricting and limiting the creator’s ideas and thoughts of what he wants or hopes to show the world. It affects freedom of creativity, the rawness, and the originality of the content. This kind of regulation practice also hampers the evolution of cinema or content in general it doesn’t allow a creator to show or create something unorthodox,


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