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Here is How OnePlus Smartphones Price Varied Over the Years

From flagship models to the usual handset, OnePlus has produced impressive models over the years. 

OnePlus considered ambitions to create flagship models with better speed, performance and especially cutting the edges according to the fans’ preferences. However, in a recent event, the company shifted its focus to create flagship premium choices. OnePlus is growing its brand and is involving itself more in the U.S. instead of the Chinese brand. And as a result, OnePlus falls into the price category of Google, Samsung, and Apple. The changes are visible, as it has been rapidly launching smartphones in the market. 

Let’s make a quick round across the OnePlus smartphone variation history, which will tell us about the future it beholds with it. 

  • OnePlus One: It came in the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, a 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD, and


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How Dogecoin was Created & What is the Reason Behind Popularity of Cryptocurrenc

A joke initiated ten years ago became a real argument issue in the current year with SpaceX involved in the cryptocurrency. 

The cryptocurrency has earned more popularity in 2021 than it was a few years ago. A few years ago, Dogecoin had a worth of less than a cent, and now it has risen to the value of $0.122680 or approx 12 cents. Dogecoin is the newly introduced bitcoin. But It might be too soon to declare it as a bitcoin. A few decades ago, Dogecoin was created by two software engineers. However, the popularity spotlight has been shared with COVID-19 vaccines, and Dogecoin got a little soar. Many people have supported Doge to be processed as bitcoin and launch it to the moon. The meme coin is constantly rising people’s excitement and interest in the cryptocurrency market. People are eagerly waiting to check out the entire process and how it will turn out in the end. 


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Facebook Dark Mode Vanished from Android and iOS Apps

Facebook seems to have to struggle with an issue with its dark mode feature from iOS and Android after attempting a long period of testing. 

Facebook recently introduced the dark mode feature in iOS and Android after testing the feature for a short period. And it remains unclear that how many people have been affected by this decision. The feature of activating dark theme has become extremely popular over time for developers and users, as iOS and Apple added their system to the dark theme support as well. 

Over the years, there has been a rise in applications utilizing dark mode in their system. But there are still a lot of popular numbers of apps left to opt for the idea of ​​this feature or make it available on both of their platforms. You can take this, for instance, the Snapchat has a feature of enabling dark mode on an iPhone, but lacks the feature support in the Android system. Facebook has constantly


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09.06.2021 13:45

Xbox Series X Restock: Target finally Updated its Stock

With the Xbox Series X release, target updated its restock, and now we are guessing who is next. 

On Thursday, Target updated its Xbox Series X in the early morning. The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles continue to fill the digital shelves. However, it was not as fast as PS5. This has not been clear which retailer is going to be next, but there is a good chance more will be coming from Microsoft’s store. 

The reason behind why Xbox Series X is hard to find:

According to the reports, Microsoft cannot acquire the materials to manufacture enough Xbox consoles to meet the demands. The same goes for PC video cards and Sony PS5, as there is a chip shortage in that matter now. The pandemic has slowed down the production of a lot of chip manufacturers for a certain


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Wi-Fi Range Extender and Mesh Router: Who to Choose for Home Network?

Usually, we struggle to find a solution for our home network with affordable and better service. Let’s check out the options to avoid struggling in dead zones. 

Your home surrounding is ready for some hardware, and you still cannot decide what to choose can be annoying. Given the pandemic time, we are all struggling to set in our home for working hours and personal hours. There are a lot of things we are settling from our home these days, like video chatting with family or friends, homeschooling our kids, and binge-watching TV shows or movies, and with all these activities, we are pushing our home network’s limit to the extent. Most of the time, with our extended limit, the signal drops off, and devices have lost the speedy connections. In this case, we are left wondering what to do? 

Well, there are chances where you can avoid these from happening, or you can choose a better network.


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SpaceX to be Paid in Cryptocurrency to Launch the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon

The new commercial payload is all set to carry the mission by SpaceX to the moon, which is expected to launch in the first quarter of the following year. The company's founder Elon Musk announced on the social media platform 'Twitter' about the mission's payment mode, which will be accepted in cryptocurrency Dogecoin. It has created a sensation all over the world, as the payment mode in Cryptocurrency is known to be the first digital currency flying to the moon. The cryptocurrency 'Dogecoin' is a meme-inspired concept allegedly implied for the payment mode via space corporation. 

“SpaceX launching satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year- Mission paid for in Doge- 1st crypto in space- 1st meme in space” – tweeted by Elon Musk. 

There are a lot of people who are still confused about the concept of Dogecoin and how it came into action as a payment mode for SpaceX. Dogecoin is a bitcoin clone that is combined with the old “doge” meme in which Shiba Inu dogs are featuring. There


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07.06.2021 12:03

Why Regulating Content On OTT Platforms Is A Bad Idea.

In the ocean of the internet, there are platforms both small and large that provide and release content for a wide range of audiences. And given the fact that millions of hours of content are pushed online every day, it is no surprise that it is hard for service providers and platforms to comply and follow censorship guidelines all the time. Regulating content on OTT platforms has become a new trend across nations to control or eliminate content against their morals, traditions, or culture.

Content censorship and regulating laws have their drawbacks first and foremost, it restricts and denies the freedom of expression to both the creator and viewer, restricting and limiting the creator’s ideas and thoughts of what he wants or hopes to show the world. It affects freedom of creativity, the rawness, and the originality of the content. This kind of regulation practice also hampers the evolution of cinema or content in general it doesn’t allow a creator to show or create something unorthodox,


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06.06.2021 16:56

Кто и с какой целью приобретает диплом ВУЗа?

Реалии таковы, что в наше время обучаться в престижном ВУЗе, чтобы добиться успехов, совсем не принципиально. Однако некоторые, словно по инерции, рассчитывают сдать вступительные экзамены, зачастую выбирая даже не ту специальность, на которую мечтали учиться. При этом качество самого образования, постоянно снижается и наличие диплома еще не значит, что его хозяин, перспективный специалист. Например, в IT области, в первую очередь проверят ваши навыки, предоставив пробное задание и с удовольствием возьмут на работу без диплома. Однако аналогичная практика, к сожалению, используется не всегда и диплом необходим, даже если у вас превосходное портфолио и приличный опыт за спиной.

Как быть, если вам образование, как таковое уже не требуется, однако желанная профессия недостижима из-за отсутствия диплома? Решение, на самом деле имеется, это покупка документа, вот собственно где купить


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04.06.2021 17:44

Чистка кондиционеров Киев недорого

Требуется недорогое обслуживание кондиционеров в Киеве? Обратитесь в компанию «Дельта-Климат», которая предлагает выгодный прайс на ремонт и обслуживание оборудования. Детали на сайте https://deltaclimate.com.ua/profilaktika/.
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How To Record The Screen On An Android Phone And Edit Your Screen Recording

In the past, when you wanted to record your screen, you would need to download a third-party app, or you would hope that your phone’s manufacturer included one.

Now,  approx all the Android phones have features of screen recording from their manufacturer, and it is straightforward to find them and use them to record nearly any app. There are some exceptions in the apps like Netflix, which will give you a black screen.

Important Note: You must have an Android 11 or newer phone to use the screen recorder, and when you do not or cannot want to use Android 11, you should skip the section of the recording and go with the third-party app.

Way to screen record on Android phone.
  • Firstly you must find the screen recorder in the notification panel, so you must swipe down from the top of the screen and then swipe again, by which you can see


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Way to Insert Footnotes or Endnotes in Microsoft Word

Usually, it’s not essential to use footnotes in Microsoft Office, but you should appreciate this feature because when you need to attach some required details in an educational or professional document, footnotes allow you to add it at the bottom of the page.

Footnotes are different from the endnotes because the footnotes display on that page where they are referenced, but endnotes display at the bottom of the page.

How to Insert Footnotes or Endnotes in Word?

When you want to insert footnotes or endnotes, it is a straightforward process, but the tricky thing is locating the features. Here are some steps on how to do that: 

  • Firstly in the word, you have to place the cursor at the bottom of the page where you want to add the superscript which references the note.
  • ...>>>

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David Ingham of Cognizant Talks About Virtualization of Content and the Role of

The website called “Broadcast” has recently published a blog in which they have shared Ingham’s views and comments on the virtualization of content and the role of VFX. 

Do you know who David Ingham is? Well, he is a client partner of media and entertainment at a pre-eminent multinational company called Cognizant. He has recently given his views to Broadcast regarding the role and future of virtual effect in the filmmaking industry and how the technology is offering more creative options to the producers and everybody involved in the creative side of filmmaking. 

Ingham wrote a blog on the Broadcast website in which he talked about the significance of necessity and how it can spark invention. Furthermore, in the initial paragraph, he also stressed the fact that the current climate and the events which occurred last year corroborate the need for the necessity


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