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6 Ways to Win in Competitive and Expensive PPC Environments

When you work in different vertical markets, there is something you will learn instantly about CPC – it differs fiercely.

For example, the cost per click for a sweatshirt will be completely different in comparison to searches for lawn care services.

Usually, if what you are advertising does not cost much, the average CPC will be low.

It’s truly the work of economics for retailers and services – every sale is worth only so much, and costs that don’t align with that are illogical to spend.

In short, all clothing retailers will max out around the same scopes since their margins are not utterly different from each other. And this is likely to set the price for the specific vertical market.


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27.11.2020 16:30

Understanding Marketing vs. Sales: Which One Is Best for Your Business

Being a small business owner, you might find yourself thinking about whether marketing is more critical or sales. Or whether you should pour more money into your marketing efforts or employ an iconic sales team.

Honestly, we have tried our hands at both to expand our business, so we are savvy about capitalizing on both these strategies effectively.

In this blog, we will throw some light on this topic and help you analyze the pros and cons of both methods for your exclusive business!

But before diving into which strategy you should choose for your company, let’s first discuss marketing vs. sales.

Marketing vs. Sales

Let’s understand this with an example.


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26.11.2020 20:16

Using Keyword Mapping for Better SEO Results

Keyword mapping is the secret to satisfying search intent.

Search intent is the reason that drives a user to perform a search on Google (or any other search engine).

A keyword phrase is what the user types into the search bar to perform their search query.

If your website answers their query best, the search engine will recognize you as the most relevant site and rank you higher in the SERPs, thus rewarding you with your desired search rankings and traffic.

What Is Keyword Mapping

In essence, keyword mapping can be described as the process of allocating target keyword groups to each page on a website based on in-depth keyword research.

Google ranks pages based on specific URLs. So, make sure each URL is optimized and relevant for the


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26.11.2020 18:25

How to Measure Purchase Decision Period With Paid Advertising

Decoding the period between a customer’s first interaction with your brand and the time when the actual purchase is made has always been a challenging task for marketers. Having the ability to predict this type of data is the key for brands to better understand their customers, set customer expectations, and forecast each ad dollar’s result.

More and more marketers are becoming capable of making the most out of the purchase decision period as the available platforms are increasingly offering remarketing and conversion tracking options.

This blog will discuss the five simple steps that will help you measure the purchase decision period effectively and build better campaigns.

  1. Assign a Landing Page to Each Product or Service You Want to Sell

Creating and dedicating an individual landing page for every product or service you want to sell or


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Twitter Is All Set to Relaunch Account Verifications Next Year

After holding back the account verification process for more than three years now, every social media lover’s favorite app to express their takes publicly, Twitter is now ready to relaunch public verifications early next year.

The popular social network has announced that they are officially planning to bring back the account verifications program in early 2021 however, the relaunch will be accompanied by a significant revamp to the process.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Twitter had set the platform on fire after it verified the account of Jason Kessler, who was one of the organizers of the Charlottesville rally, back in 2017. It received instant backlash from the infuriated users. Later Twitter Support account sent out a tweet clarifying that their action of verifying the account was in no way meant to support its tweets. But some


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25.11.2020 16:18

Facebook Launches Drives to Help Users Donate and Collect Essentials

Social media giant Facebook is back again with another striking feature called “Drives.” It's not the cloud storage service type of drive it's in the sense of “food drive,” “clothing drive,” etc.

Today, the platform has introduced a US-only feature to enable the users to collect as well as donate items like food, clothes, and other essentials for the people in need. Users will be able to access this new feature by visiting the existing Community Help hub.

Facebook had introduced the Community Help hub back in 2017 to allow the users to centralize their resources after a catastrophe, whether human-made, accidental or natural disasters such as extreme weather events or terrorist attacks. However, this year, the Community Help feature has been utilized at a broader scale as a part of the social network’s Covid-19 efforts, where the platform aimed at helping those affected the most by the outbreak of this pandemic.


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24.11.2020 20:19

5 Common Web Design Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

For every business, their website is the key to capturing, educating, and converting customers, which makes it crucial to get it right. And naturally, your site is the first thing about your brand that your potential customer sees, so you must work harder to make sure they get a good first impression.

Now a sure shot way to ensure that your website is up to the mark is to hire a professional web designer. After all, who can do a job better than the person specialized in it? 

So whether you are a web designer yourself or a business owner, here are the five most common web design mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. 

  1. Confusing Brand Messaging

When a potential customer comes across your website via a SERP, it might be their first-ever experience


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24.11.2020 18:20

How Social Media Influences Consumer Purchasing Decisions

A vast portion of product purchases is being made online today, and thanks to this pandemic for boosting this number. The number of people using the internet is increasing continuously, and at the same time, tech companies are progressively developing more new ways to merge the digital world into shopping. Thus, it is quite logical that we only expect online retail to grow exponentially in the coming times. Now reasonably, a lot of consumer purchasing decisions, too, are made online nowadays, and well where are the majority of people spending their most online time? – Social media!

As per reports, more than half of the social media users use social media platforms to research products and services. The majority of them are most likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. In fact, if you too use social media platforms on a regular basis, then there is a very good chance that you have bought a product or service at least once because of something you saw on your


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Клиент и оптимизатор: чужой против хищника?

Смотреть 'Клиент и оптимизатор: чужой против хищника?'

Клиенты и оптимизаторы - по сути, две стороны одной медали. Они связаны общим делом и общими задачами. Одни хотят осуществить продвижение сайта и найти в Интернете покупателей своих товаров и услуг, потратив при этом минимальные денежные бюджеты с максимальной эффективностью, другие - помогают первым в достижении их непростых (особенно в условиях обостряющейся конкуренции) целей. Говорить на одном языке, пусть даже и на языке Интернет-маркетинга, не всегда достаточно для качественного и «безоблачного» сотрудничества. Технические тонкости, неточная постановка задач, разное понимание результатов и многие другие факторы приводят к проблемам в отношениях клиентов и оптимизаторов.


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Критерии оценки успеха поисковой оптимизации е-коммерческого сайта

I. Почему важно быть в первой двадцатке списка результатов поиска?
II. Критерии успеха поисковой и Интернет-маркетинговой оптимизации е-коммерческого сайта.
a. Оптимизация с целью увеличение количества посетителей веб-сайта (Интернет-траффик).
b. Настройка «конвертационной воронки» для улучшения показателей Индекса Конвертации

Словарь Терминов

Интернет траффик

- количество пользователей Интернета, посетивших веб-сайт за определённый промежуток времени.

Индекс отскока или Индекс рикошета

– вычисляемый коэффициент: отношение количества посетителей сайта,


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