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02.03.2020 10:05

How to Automatically Translate Emails on Outlook.Com

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Translator for Outlook is an add-on, which helps in translating the mail on one go. The translation is fast and appears beside the reading window in the email box. As you install the add-on, then you will be asked for the Office 365 or the Outlook.com password and mail address. Then it will be linked with the mail account so that you may utilize it in the Outlook clients without even installing every time. Several people require to translate mail content from other foreign languages to the native language. If you need to, you can allow the auto language translation in Outlook.com.

In this way, you don’t need to translate the mail manually. It doesn’t matter how much messages you receive or how long is the subject. Suppose you have the online business, and people from all over the world send emails in their own language. If you know


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18.02.2020 12:55

How to Stop Chrome Tabs from Refreshing?

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If you browse online, then you might think why Chrome tabs always refresh. These uncertain bursts make people mad as there seems to be no apparent reason for this happening. You may not have an idea, but Chrome has the memory management feature, which is called Tab Reloading and Discarding. The feature pauses the inactive buttons so that they cannot utilize too many resources. This works together when Chrome tries to decrease the specific effect that the browser contains. The main focus is to protect resources as a potential for other devices. It will load the tab as you request and save it to the memory.

If you start using the RAM, then the tab will return to sleep, and the memory that has released will be utilized somewhere else. When you need to use the specific tab, Chrome


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