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The PlayStation recently got a new update which is great for PS5 users. After that, PlayStation November Games have a total of six games titles for PlayStation Plus members. You can download the games in the library from 2nd November.

PlayStation Plus lineup includes three different PSVR titles to celebrate the PlayStation fifth anniversary. Showcase your skills in these games. Here is the list of all games that are about to launch in PlayStation November games.

PlayStation November Games- Knockout City

The player can team up and fight with rival crews to get the scores. It is an online battle game, and you get intense competition and fun in this multiplayer game. In short, Knockout City is a team-based online multiplayer game.

First of all, customize your character and form your crew with friends to start the Knockout City gameplay


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Everything You Need to Know About BlueStacks X- A Free and Fun Way of Playing Ga

Several reports are trending about BlueStacks X. Do you know about BlueStacks X? Well, in short words, it is the latest platform, which would enable you to play browser games and mobile games on all platforms. The best thing about BlueStacks X is the fact that it is free. 

Would you like Shadow Fight on a larger device? Well, BlueStacks X indeed allows users to get hands-on experience with smartphone games on different devices. 

If you have ever used Android Emulator to download and install Android applications on a Windows device, you must already be aware of BlueStacks. It was released ten years ago, and it instantly became a hit among the users who wanted to use their mobile applications on larger devices. BlueStacks enabled users to install and launch x86 Android and Arm-based applications on Windows-based tablets and Personal Computers. 


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How to Get and Use Netflix on Xbox One

The ultimate gaming console Xbox One can do several things and can even use Netflix for more fun. Xbox One is a powerful gaming console that can run heavy games and stream them smoothly. The application store of Xbox has several streaming apps, and it gives a unique streaming experience. Users can watch their favourite movies and shows through streaming apps. So if anyone is interested to know how they can start using Netflix, here’s the guide for them.

Install Netflix on Xbox One

Before getting into the steps, just make sure you have an active Netflix subscription. If you don’t have one, then you can start it just now and can enjoy a one-month free subscription. To enjoy Netflix on Xbox One, you don’t need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, so it makes things easier. But you must sign in to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy Netflix. Keep your internet connectivity fast to get the


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Top 5 Android Wear OS Games

What! Do we have games for Wear OS? Well, yes. There are many games out there for Wear OS they are indeed a little difficult to play as they generally don't have simple controls. But some better titles offer easy controls and ideas so that you won't face many difficulties while playing them. Let's look at the decent titles here is our list of the top 5 Android Wear OS games.


2048 is a pretty amazing puzzle game. In the 2048 game, you just have to move some tiles to form a new one. The game mechanics are quite simple. You have to bring together all the tiles with the same number written on once you do it, they will merge and become a single tile with a number written. You get a new tile each time you merge tiles with the same number, and the number on the new tile is equivalent to the sum of all the numbers on previous tiles. You have to keep moving and merging the


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Amazing Games to Play Online That Will Chill You Out

Playing games is the best way to fill your mind with excitement and thrill. This article contains the list of some of the best online games that will help you relax and chill you out.


This is a very simple and exciting game with pleasant music playing in the background. When you start the game, you will find a tiny creature with a mouth and a torso you just have to swim and eat other tiny organisms. After some time, the creature will change, and it will become a huge creature gradually. Once you start playing this game, you will not feel bored, and it will soothe your mind.

Home Sheep Home

You can find this game on the website Shawn the Sheep. You get three fully controllable ships on this game, and you have to cross the sheep over a barn. You will get different controls on the game to


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Best Classic Retro Games for Android

Old is gold this saying is true to its core when it comes to gaming. Missing the nostalgic vibe of retro gaming? Try out a fantastic array of retro Android games. Let's bring back the good old days of classic games as we count down our picks for the best retro Android games.

Pac-Man 256

Often recalled as one of the most iconic games of all time, Pac-Man stands out as our all-time favorite when it comes to retro gaming. Lucky for us, the game is now available on the Google Play Store.

Rules to play the game are quite straightforward. The interactivity has changed however, it maintained its one of a kind highlights, uncomplicated interaction, and other minor elements. As of now, the game development is completed along a labyrinth– a yellow, fun, and playful legend, moving across the


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RA3 skirmish

а ктонить еще играет в red alert 3 из знакомых? онлайн еще не ходил, добиваю компов.

круче всех имхо рубится Олег, его даже на hard не выношу. япошки все элеметрано убиваются на Brutal

вообще есть мнение что баланс в игре херовый - русских как обычно сделали сильнее всех

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