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Lenovo Smart Clock review: A Smart Bedside Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is the brand's smallest smart display, despite its reputation for producing some of the greatest laptops and tablets. The Lenovo Smart Clock is marketed as a tidy and compact device that is appropriate for a bedside table. The new Lenovo smart clock review offers a 3.97-inch screen and Google Assistant built-in for hands-free timers and alarms, as well as getting the most up-to-date weather information. The screen even provides some additional information beyond what Google Assistant provides audibly. If you ask for the weather prediction, for example, it will give you the day's temperature, but you can see an hour-by-hour breakdown as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures for the day on the screen.The Lenovo Smart Clock is backed by Google Assistant and can answer questions that begin with the phrase “Hey, Google.

Lenovo Smart Clock Cost and Availability


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