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19.08.2021 11:47, г. New City, США Смотреть на карте

Many People Dissatisfied with the New Prayer Tool on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to share their ideas, pictures, and videos however, a new feature has been added that allows users to pray for others. Facebook has begun rolling out a new Prayer Request tool, which will allow certain religious leaders and other users to pray online with people who are connected with them, according to the company. However, several people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the new function, claiming that it is an unneeded addition to the platform.

The feature became the part of Facebook Groups

Facebook has integrated the new function into groups, and the controls connected with it will be in the hands of group administrators. Whenever someone is ill, or before a job interview, or whenever there is a small problem, group members may request the rest of the members pray with them. Following


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