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06.08.2021 09:53

How To Get Android OS On Computer

Android is popularly used as a smartphone OS. But do you think of using it on a PC? You may be a visionary person as it is possible. You can get Android on your computer. We will guide you to install Android on your PC. With Android on your computer, you can do several tasks like using multiple apps, playing games, and more. 

Installing Android on a PC is handy through tools like virtual device emulators, bootable USB versions, and independent tools such as BlueStacks. All these tools come with pros and cons. You can consider the one based on your needs. Let’s see different ways to get Android on your PC. 

Use Android Studio and the virtual device

Android Studio is an essential tool used for Android development. This tool is used by software developers for tasks like testing applications, entering codes, and handling multiple projects. It is also


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