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02.08.2021 09:57, г. Afton, США Смотреть на карте

How To Add Words To Android Dictionary

If you are here searching for ways to add words to the Android dictionary, you have reached your destination. You get a built-in dictionary on your Android device to help you while writing or typing something to provide you correct suggestions. But this auto-suggestion system can be annoying for many as it overwrites the texts you type to convey a message. That is why we are here to help you eliminate this frustration by teaching you how to add words to the Android dictionary. 

Android dictionary

As we have mentioned above, Android phones come with a built-in dictionary. It is used by the device to provide you suggestions while typing or writing anything. This dictionary works based on the language preference that you opt for while setting up the device for the first time. However, it is not enough in some cases because you might have noticed some unfamiliar words from other languages in your


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