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31.07.2021 09:06

Google Pixel Fold Specs, Features and Price: Everything We Know

Google is going to launch its first foldable Google Pixel Fold smartphone. As per the rumors, it's going to be the first foldable device by Google. These smartphones are growing at a steady pace in 2021. These smartphones are new to the phone industry. It will be fascinating to see what Google has on a proposal with the forthcoming Pixel Fold. Soon it's going to give competition to the Samsung and other smartphone brands available in the market.

As per the leaks, the Google pixel is going to arrive later this year. There are lots of rumors that the gadget will feature an ultra-thin glass display which is currently restricted to Samsung Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2. The design is quite like a book, as seen on the most foldable phone.

Release Date and Price

Google pixel is going to release later this year or in early 2022, and as per reports, it could arrive


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