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Do AirPods Come with A Mic

Both wireless earbuds of Apple come with microphones. But, AirPods Pro includes two inward-facing mics to give you an incredible listening experience.

Apple’s AirPods are renowned for their excellent wireless sound. Besides, these wireless earbuds integrate well with Apple Watch, iPhone, and various other products and services of Apple. Plus, AirPods also feature a microphone. While talking about the microphone, it is pretty sure that they make a big difference in the sound quality. Also, they make a difference in the way you use the product.

If you have earbuds that contain a microphone will give you a better sound experience than those that don’t. Both AirPods and AirPods Pro are equipped with many mics. However, AirPods Pro has more mics than AirPods that serves several exciting purposes. No doubt, it deserves more discussion.

AirPods: Since Their Launch till Now


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How is Technology Revolutionizing Sports Training?

Sports training used to necessitate a lot of paperwork and post-practice effort from both the trainer and the athlete. While the athlete was practicing, meticulous notes and footage were collected, which were subsequently compiled into charts and graphs that represented the athlete’s performance. After practice, the trainer and the athlete would talk about aches, pains, and thoughts regarding physical actions that had occurred earlier in the day. The approach was difficult, but it seemed to work as far as athletes and trainers were concerned. That is until recent technological advancements revolutionized the sport of athletic training.

In recent years, advanced technology has shrunk in size, become more robust, and become less cumbersome, paving the way for new options, particularly in athletics. Athletes now wear sensors that send real-time data to a trainer’s tablet, GPS pinpoints action correctly, smartphones keep everyone up to


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Apple iMac (M1) Review

 Just thinking about the new 24-inch Apple iMac in the box, the old curved-back 27-inch iMac was a living corpse. The long-standing iMac design, which has been essentially unchanged since 2012, has held up well over time, but a change was long overdue. The new smaller iMac model (previously 21.5 inches, now 24 inches) sports a streamlined, updated appearance and comes in a range of colors. It feels especially new because this is the first Mac to feature a completely new design to complement its new M1 CPU/GPU platform. On May 21, the new models will be available for purchase.

The general Mac line is evolving, and it’s the most significant change since Intel CPU was added to Macs in 2006. The entire portfolio, including laptops and desktops, is transitioning away from Intel processors in favor of Apple’s own design. With the Apple M1 models of the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini, the changeover began in late 2020.


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Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Ultra

When we talk about premium streaming boxes, Roku and Apple are the best options available in the market. Both streaming boxes work on an internet connection. And streams movies and TV shows from popular networks like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Channel. Apple TV 4K and Roku Ultra are expensive due to the additional perks they offer. For instance, wired Ethernet ports, and faster processors. For those who wish to buy a flagship device with all the premium features, the comparison given below is for you. Apple TV 4K includes $180 cost, and Roku Ultra includes $100 cost with compelling features. Let’s see how both streaming boxes stack up against each other such as:

Roku Ultra: Presents Excellent Value

Roku’s high-end ultra does not include much of a change when compared over the past years. And do not think of it as a bad thing. It includes an impressive interface, adds support, and remote finder features


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How to Track Your Sleep with The Apple Watch

How to Track Your Sleep with The Apple Watch  

Apple Watch allows its users to track their sleep duration, create sleep schedules, and set sleep duration. Here’s how you can do it for your overall wellbeing and health.

Sleep tracking is one of the various features that Apple Watch offers to its users. When you understand your sleeping patterns, it helps you immensely improve your sleep quality and quality. In turn, it can help you improve your overall wellbeing and health. Improving users’ overall health and wellbeing is the main reason why Apple introduced a sleep tracking feature to its Apple Watch.

Apple Watch & Its Evolution Over Time

Apple introduced sleep tracking features natively to its smartwatch with the watchOS 7 updates last year. The tech giant introduced several exciting features on its Watch. But, its entry in the sleep


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Firewalls of 2021 to Secure Your Linux Systems

A firewall is made up of a set of rules. When a data packet enters or exits a protected network region, its contents (particularly information about its source, destination, and the protocol it wants to use) are examined using firewall rules to determine if it should be allowed through.


ClearOS is by far the slickest and most attractive firewall distribution in this roundup. It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into building the interface.

Because most anti-virus distributions are written for geeks, it’s great to see a refreshing departure from what appears to have been the de facto standard of “cobble it together and worry about the interface afterward.” To attract more sophisticated users, ClearOS will cheerfully and readily operate from the command line.


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Why You Should be Using a Password Manager in 2021


Change is inevitable, and this applies to everything, even the internet. The Internet in 2021 is quite a different place than it used to be a year ago. Those days are gone when people only visited a handful of sites, and other things were neatly organized in your book. But now, people visit dozens of websites in a single day, or we can say within hours. Many times, people sign up for a new account too. Online surveys suggest that, on average, an internet user has between 50 and 200 online accounts. The disadvantage of this is that most of us had at least one of these accounts unknowingly compromised or breached in recent years.

But don’t worry, we have some good news for your password managers who are universally acclaimed to safeguard our account while also improving online security. But are they effective, and should you have them? We will answer some of these questions right here. So, let’s dive in.


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