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screenshot on an iPad and an iPad Pro

If you have an iPad or an iPad Pro and you often need to capture screenshots but don’t know how to do so, here is a complete guide on taking screenshots for iPad and iPad Pro. Taking screenshots on an iPad is easy. You can capture your desired screenshots in a few seconds. So, without any delay, let’s proceed with a step-by-step guide and capture an easy screenshot on an iPad and iPad Pro.

Ways to capture a screenshot on an iPad

You can take screenshots on an iPad in two different ways regardless of the model you use. With the first method, you can take your screenshots by clicking physical buttons. If we talk about the second method, it requires you to use assistive touch. In this guide, we will begin with the use of physical buttons. Capturing screenshots using buttons may vary based on the button types your device has. 


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How to Fix Mmc.Exe Blocked for Your Protection

If you are using Windows 10 on your computer, sometimes you may experience an error message that says mmc.exe blocked for your protection. This error code appears when your computer prevents the mmc.exe file from using. According to Microsoft, they have been providing this built-in file on Windows operating systems since 2000. However, some users have noted the mmc.exe blocked for your protection error message on their computer, which is linked to mmc.exe.

Today we will talk about this error in this article, and we’ll discuss how you can get rid of it within no time.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get in…

What is Mmc.Exe Blocked for Your Protection?

It is an error message that states your computer is unable to access the file, and therefore you wont


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Canon Printer Error Code 6C10?

Each time you discover an error code in your printer, you must gather details on how it happens. Usually, the error codes indicate the issues that are bothering your printer from the inside. Regarding these emerging issues, they mostly represent that there has been blockage or damage due to interruption from foreign objects. Also, an error code includes several issues and causes that can be frustrating to deal with. Here, we have brought a range of methods for you to fix the issue, and you will find each of them equally effective. However, before trying the methods, we need to assemble the causes behind the error code.

How to find the reasons behind the Canon printer error code 6C10?

In your Canon printer, you will find an internal counter which is designed to track the number of pages that have been printed. It also examines how many times your printer has performed the cleanup process.


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Canon Printer Error Code U163

Canon printer is popularly known for establishing its quality products across the world. Besides its renowned goodwill on a global level, users have received a high-tech printing experience. Struggling with error codes is a possibility, which comes with machines even if it is built with high-end features. It is something that you have to deal with when working for excessive hours or years on a printer. These error codes hold the highest rate of issues involving internal or external errors.

However, in either of the cases, you need to work with an effective solution that can resolve the error code within minutes. And mostly, you will be able to deal with error codes emerging in your printer all by yourself. But of course, users will need proper guidance to resolve the issue. So, here we are at the rescue, and all you need to do is read the instructions below. Also, you must check the causes behind the error code properly, which is beneficial to identify the culprit.


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Everything You Should Know About AppleCare Plus

Смотреть 'Everything You Should Know About AppleCare Plus'

Apple products are made for long-term purposes, but accidents do happen. Having AppleCare Plus coverage is helpful. When users purchase a new Apple product, it comes with AppleCare. This service provides free technical support for up to 90 days and a year of hardware repair coverage.

In addition, an AppleCare plus subscription extends technical support availability and warranty.

AppleCare Plus by Product

AppleCare plus is available for only 9 Apple products, and it includes Mac, Apple Display, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, as well as Apple Watch. You can also buy AppleCare plus within 60 days of your purchase in most regions.


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AMD Zen 4 Rumored Release Date

Смотреть 'AMD Zen 4 Rumored Release Date'

AMD Zen 4 is the long-rumored successor to AMD’s successful Zen 3 architecture, which underpins AMD’s incredibly powerful Ryzen 5000 series of processors.

Because AMD and manufacturing partner TSMC was able to switch to a 7-nanometer technology for Zen, AMD’s latest generation of Ryzen CPUs have proven powerful and efficient enough to compete with Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs. This allows them to jam more cores onto each wafer, giving AMD CPUs an advantage over many Intel CPUs, which are still using a 10 nm technology.

Price Speculation

AMD has given no indication of how it wants to price its Zen 4 chips, which is unsurprising. The question of how much they’ll cost is the most difficult to answer because it is greatly dependent on when the firm distributes them and the


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Top 5 Best To-Do Applications for MacOS

Смотреть 'Top 5 Best To-Do Applications for MacOS'

If you are a working professional, student, or a normal stay-at-home human being and a user of Mac. You rightly need to invest in these to-do apps to keep your things in check. We have searched and got you a list of the best five to-do apps for MacOS.

To-Do Apps for Mac

The list below is ideal for people looking to make a checklist at the start of the day and complete them from the Mac menu bar as the day passes.


TickTick is the first one to make a list for several different reasons. The TickTick isn’t limited to task management only. You can use this app to track your habits, use it as a Pomodoro and even manage projects using the desktop app. Talking about adding tasks you can simply add new tasks from the menu bar at the top. This sounds much better than the opening and adding a to-do. Also, TickTick provides a great theming


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Best Paid VPNs That Offer Free Trial

Смотреть 'Best Paid VPNs That Offer Free Trial'

Fast, reliable, and platform-independent are the features that generally one looks for in a VPN. While many of us are interested in using free VPNs but there are perils that a free VPN brings with itself, including security and privacy issues. Although we highly recommend you to use a paid version of a VPN service provider, if, in any case, you need to use a free VPN you can use the services of the providers that we are providing. These services are from trusted VPN providers. Also, as these VPNs come with a 30-day free trial period so it will also help you to decide as to which one you might use if you want to purchase any VPN.


One of the heavy guns in the VPN market. Its 2-year plan costs more than the Surfshark.


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Best macOS 12 Features, Tips, And Tricks

Смотреть 'Best macOS 12 Features, Tips, And Tricks'

A lot of interesting announcements were made in the WWDC 2021 regarding iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Many improvements are added for the betterment of the ecosystem in various features. For instance, Notes, FaceTime, and Universal control. In this blog, we will discuss all the new macOS features.

macOS Monterey features

Currently, macOS has only released the developer beta. They have decided to release the public beta a month later, i.e., in July 2021. However, if you can’t wait then you should follow the guide below and install the new macOS Monterey on Mac.

  1. FaceTime (Windows and Android):

With the new updates in macOS 12, FaceTime is going to get more powerful and tightly


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How to Install Windows 10 From An ISO File

Смотреть 'How to Install Windows 10 From An ISO File'

 If you are looking for legitimate ways to download Windows 10 ISO file and install Windows 10 from it, stay with us. This post will teach you how to download and install a Windows 10 ISO file to get Microsoft’s latest operating system. Follow the below methods to download and install a Windows 10 ISO file.

How to download the Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft on Windows 

Go to the download page of Windows 10 and find and click on the button in blue color named Download tool now. 

If your PC is running on Windows 7, 8, or 10, hit on the Download Tool for Windows 10. 

This tool helps in turning a USB key into a bootable Windows 10 installer. With the help of that tool, you can download a Windows10 ISO file on your PC. After downloading


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What is a Secure Email Service

Смотреть 'What is a Secure Email Service'

After the invention of email in 1971, it has evolved. Nowadays, it has become a popular medium of digital communication. But because of increasing security risks, many want to use a secure email service rather than regular email. Let’s see how a secure email is different from a standard email. 

Secure or encrypted email

Secure email works almost like regular email, but the thing that differentiates them is their security features. A secure email takes security as a priority compared to a regular email. You can send and receive emails as you do with your regular email. In simple terms, you won’t face any difficulties in using a secure email service if you know how to use a regular email service. 


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Connect AirPlay from iPhone to iMac or MacBook

Смотреть 'Connect AirPlay from iPhone to iMac or MacBook'

Apple announced the new macOS Monterey in the recently conducted WWDC 2021. Now the feature that excited us the most is that you have the option of playing AirPlay from iPhone to Macs.

Note: macOS Monterey is still in developer mode. So, if you want to access the new macOS Monterey, you need to have a developer’s account. But if you want to wait, then you can because the stable version of macOS Monterey is coming this fall. So, before the new macOS hits, let’s see how we can AirPlay from iPhone to macOS.

What is AirPlay?

So, if you don’t know what AirPlay is, then we are here, don’t worry. AirPlay is Apple’s wireless protocol. It is a feature that allows you to cast your iPhone screen wirelessly


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