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How to Fix HP Printer Code 02 Error

Dealing with HP error code 02 is terrible for any HP printer user. It is a fundamental error that an HP printer user may face anytime. This printer error is usually caused by software issues, communication issues, and firmware defects. In this blog, we have explained the procedure to solve the HP printer code 02 error. Now, it’s time to determine how to fix the HP printer code 02 error in a just simple method.

What is the Cause Behind Error Code 02?

Usually, the HP printer error code 02 is a technical error that does not allow the printer to process the files correctly. Most of the time, the HP printer is unable to interpret the files. One can fix the error by pursuing the instructions provided below.

Use the “Cancel Job” to Erase the Memory


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A Guide to Use a Blue Light Filter on a PC or Mac

Many studies have shown the effect of blue light on human health. You may experience its impact on your health after spending your whole day in front of screens of mobile devices or PCs. For example, you may feel a disturbance in your sleep pattern and also see changes in the natural body's system.

That is why if you want to keep your eye and natural health safe from the blue light, it is essential to use blue light filters on digital devices. Blue light filters provide warmer colors to reduce the effect of blue light, improving your sleep and making you healthy and productive.

This guide includes ways to use blue light filters on Windows, Mac, or Chromebook. If you want to keep yourself safe from blue light on mobile devices, you can go with third-party apps.


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SendMessageonInstagram Without the Instagram App

Смотреть 'SendMessageonInstagram Without the Instagram App'

In the beginning, Instagram was used to upload photos and videos but it’s all changed now. People are using it for texting, sharing photos, making reels, and many other things. This is why sometimes people think they are wasting too much time on Instagram, and they uninstall it. But uninstalling it doesn’t mean that you have lost the ability to connect with your friends. This is because Facebook recently came out with a feature using the Facebook Messenger app. In this way, people can still uninstall the app if they think they are not liking the app or wasting too much time on the app but can still message their friends.

How to Connect Facebook Messenger to Instagram:

In the Accounts Centre, you can either log in to Facebook or Instagram as per your choice.


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Fix Android Connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet

Смотреть 'Fix Android Connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet'

Does this happen to you that your Android phone starts behaving weirdly when it is connected to the WiFi? That one message we don’t want to see is “Connected but no internet Access” as we all hate it. Several ways can lead up to this problem. Here are some of the things that you can try to fix this problem.

Fix Android Connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet

There is no particular reason for this connectivity issue. Down below we have listed some of the solutions that you can try to fix this issue.

Check if the router is connected to the Internet

This may sound normal but we all make stupid mistakes. You should check this issue by checking if your router’s connection is secure to the internet or not. There is a possibility


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Templates to Create an Invoice in Google Docs

Смотреть 'Templates to Create an Invoice in Google Docs'

Nowadays, Google Docs is a very important tool, be it for work or home. Google Docs’ popularity and use in recent times have sky-rocketed both in business as well as in education. Docs aren’t only made for creating long word documents. People and freelancers are catching up on things like this. Google docs templates also have other uses, such as creating a project proposal, invoice, flyer, and even a stylist newsletter.

Also, there are different options to create an invoice. Either you can start from scratch, or you can just choose a template in just a couple of minutes. Although, the web has so many options of third-party invoice templates. But we have picked some of the best for you to get you started on your professional journey. So, let’s dive in.

Some of the top templates to create an invoice in Google Docs:


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Solutions to 7 Common HP Printer Errors

 HP printers stand for both reliability and quality that several other printers fail to offer. Even though HP printers are excellent, they may often disappoint their users by displaying an error code. We have prepared the list of seven common error codes that generally occur on an HP printer and have discussed the solutions to these errors. By following the instructions mentioned below, anyone can quickly get rid of several HP printer error codes. Let’s get started and learn how to fix HP printer error codes.

What Causes the Appearance of an Error Code on HP Printers?

The appearance of an error code is when your printer is not working well or has any fault. The appearance of an error code is the indication that your printer has something wrong with it. The earlier you pay attention to the error code, the better it is. We have discussed seven common HP printer error


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