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14.06.2021 10:37

Razer Kishi Review: A Smooth Android Controller

Gamers with advanced phones enjoy. Razer is following up its Junglecat controller with a more competent Joy-Con-analogy model: The Razer Kishi. Initially, it was announced at CES 2020. The Kishi’s pads utilize strain to attach to the smartphone and connect through USB-C. It removes the lag and latency of a Bluetooth signal, and the controller doesn’t need charging.

The Kishi’s great design enables a stronger grip. It has the acquaintance of the Nintendo Joy-Con Pro and Xbox controller designs. It’s not perfect pursuance. The controls are distinctly placed from each other. This may not be everyone’s taste, but it’s one of the useful controllers for mobile gaming that I’ve tried.

It is available now for Android, just at $80 (AU$150). The company estimates to roll out an M-Fi-certified version for iOS in August.


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