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02.06.2021 15:59, г. Addison, США Смотреть на карте

Quantum Technology Is Taking Quantum Leaps to Dictate the Future of the Computin

Quantum technology has found applications in a wide array of fields ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptography, and it is laying the foundations for a future in which it will have full control over everything related to computing. 

While some skeptics can regard quantum technology as mere work of science fiction, evidence suggests that the tech, if applied correctly, can offer unfathomable solutions to some complex problems of human existence. 

We cannot go into too much depth about quantum mechanics and sum the topic in about 800 words. It is simply not possible. It will even not be possible if I write a chapter based on that as it might just cover the basics, to say the least. Now, in layman’s terms, you can understand quantum technology as a field of tech in which the principles and laws of quantum mechanics are applied to create a system


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