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02.06.2021 11:13

LG Nanocell TV

LG NanoCell TV has IPS 4K Quantum display, webOS, and AI handling, LG’s NanoCell TVs address all that LCD can offer. Include savvy home control, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it’s the finished bundle.

LG NanoCell TVs genuinely are acquainted with LG’s OLED TV range, the LG C1, LG G1, etc. The NanoCell TVs that sit close by them frequently get less feature consideration, and we’re here to fix that. These purported ‘NanoCell’ screens make up LG’s mid-reach and upper section level LCD TVs – the best LG TVs that don’t highlight OLED boards, essentially. The implicit point here is to offer an option in contrast to Samsung’s incredible QLED TVs while assigning the top level of LG’s LCD board TVs.

However, what is LG NanoCell, really? How can it contrast with Samsung QLED? Also, would it be a good


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