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06.10.2021 15:43, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

Laptops vs. Chromebooks: What Should You Choose?

Computers have improved very much over the past couple of decades. A super high-end PC from two decades ago is worthless. It is a waste of space. They were once heavy blocks of plastic and metal that required a suitcase to carry around. Now they are thin and sleek notebooks that you can take with you anywhere.

The cheapest and most lightweight laptops of today are technically something else. These are known as Chromebooks. You must have stumbled across this term while surfing for a new laptop without knowing what it means. There is a lot of difference between a Chromebook and a regular laptop.

What do you mean by Chromebook?

The Chromebook term is used to describe not just laptops but also tablets and two-in-one devices running on Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks first appeared on the market as a successor to notebooks in 2010. The history of Netbooks tablets and Chromebooks is an interesting


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12.05.2021 12:21

Why Are Chromebooks Recommended for Everyone?

Well, nearly every laptop user must have wondered in their lives at some point in time whether Chromebooks are worthy of his money or not. Well, is it? In this blog, we are going to make a detailed case on why Chromebooks are worth your every penny and why every average laptop user should prefer to use Chromebooks or at least give it a chance. 

In a nutshell, we can understand that they can do everything you wish from a laptop. Furthermore, they are cost-effective as well, so why not give it a try?

The sales of Chromebooks are at an all-time high, and only during the pandemic did the people understand its true quality. Some tech enthusiasts even suggest that Chromebooks have never been in such high demand since the time they were released, which was back in 2011. Last year, there was an upsurge in the sales of laptops as people were forced to stay in their homes and engage in remote work or


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