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Extremely Vulnerable in the Recent Cyberattack

Is firewall not good enough to save your computer nowadays? Well, it is needless to say that apart from the technology that we see around us, one other thing that is developing is the way cyber attackers go about their business. The antivirus we use does try to cope with them and introduce software updates from time to time, but sometimes they fall short in front of the nefarious ingenuity of the hackers.

One of the primary things that make Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) useful is its ability to disseminate large chunks of information into smaller bits and vice versa and catering to the demands of the consumers at a particular time. However, new research has put forward a conclusive study that flaws in billions of Wi-Fi devices that people use could allow cyber attackers to make firewalls look like a redundant tool and access devices remotely almost at will.


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Xiaomi has introduced Mi 11

Xiaomi has introduced Mi 11. With this launch, they have stepped up a notch. This device consists ofa 50MP primary lens. It also has a humongous 1/1.12- inch sensor, and it also comes with an auxiliary camera that has been upgraded with two 48 MP modules.

Now, if you are not satisfied with that, Mi 11 has 55W wired charging and 50W wireless charging, but Xiaomi has stepped up in this department too with Mi 11 ultra. They have provided 67W wireless charging you just plug-in, and you are ready to go mind blown. We should also talk about the secondary 1.1-inch screen at the back that lets you take selfies with the rear cameras.

We just simply put Mi 11 ultra as one of the best Android phones of 2021. This phone has all it takes to go up against the Galaxy S21 ultra and One Plus 9 Pro. So now this phone is out and available outside china. Let’s take a look at what it is all about.


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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Artificial intelligence has started to penetrate the digital marketing sector of the business and various tech-savvy industries. It allows us to connect to the audience and the consumers a bit differently than the traditional method. Machines take over the workforce’s responsibilities earlier, including voice recognition, visual recognition, translation, analysis, and decision-making. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence ) indicates humans’ behavior, such as critical thinking, decision making, analyzing, incorporated into machines utilizing computer programming. In other words, the capability of a machine to impersonate human-like thinking can be termed artificial intelligence. 


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Top 5 WIM file Extraction Software

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WIM is the abbreviation of Windows Imaging format file. This file format enables the users to have a single disk image that can be used on several PC and laptops.

It is usually utilized to organize and control many essential files like drivers, updates, and system components without rebooting your Operating System Image. WIM files may contain multiple disk images that are mounted within Windows device so that you can make them bootable.

How to Open WIM Files on Your Device?

Here are the some interesting ways by which you can easily open “.wim” files right on your Windows 10. You need to utilize the third-party apps on your device for this task.


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