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iPhone 13 Foldable Handset

With Samsung releasing foldable phones, Apple fans are expecting an iPhone with the same feature as well.

As the release date of the iPhone 13 getting closer, people are expecting that Apple will start processing the foldable phones, but the real question is, will Apple consider this or will remain on its staple. Foldable phones have been one of the major smartphone trends in the past few years. It does not seem convincing for iPhone to release one of these handsets. However, it is not completely out of option that Apple is operating on foldable iPhone, it may be delayed due to the investment process on iOS ecosystem everyone is hoping for.

It is expected that Apple might release iPhone 13 later this year along with its general smartphone lineup series scheduled to release. According to the reports, it is said that the iPhone will arrive


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A Detailed Review of Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

2020 has been a revolutionary year for the Xiaomi brand as they have tried to enter into the mid-premium segment. In this pursuit, it launched the Mi 10 that delivered on the smartphone side, and now with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve, it has tried to offer a more premium alternative to the extremely popular Mi Band.

Talking about the design of the watch, the brand clearly wants to invoke the feel of the classy watch with a digital inward. While many simple smartwatches try to imitate the iconic Apple design, Xiaomi attempted something different from the circular design with dial marks along the raised chamfered edge as well as twin pushers on the side. The 46 mm case is absolutely massive, and somebody with a slender wrist will find it too big.

Now talking about the panel, the AMOLED panel has high resolution. Also, the watch has a high peak brightness


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How to Restart HomePod and HomePod Mini

Смотреть 'How to Restart HomePod and HomePod Mini'

HomePod is a powerful device with excellent abilities. The Siri in HomePod can do a lot of things with just short and straightforward commands. Usually, people don’t face any trouble from HomePod, but some people have experienced the no responding problem in HomePod. It’s not a common issue because everyone doesn’t face it, but if your HomePod stops working suddenly, you should look into its connectivity.

Probably, if HomePod isn’t responding, you can reboot it to make it working again. Like other devices of Apple, HomePod also doesn’t have a power button to turn it off and on. Even though HomePod doesn’t have a dedicated power button, but you can still restart it. Apple has added the feature of restarting HomePod to troubleshoot problems like sudden no response. So in case, you find this helpful, here the guide to restart


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