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16.04.2021 11:47

Tips and Tricks to Use Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Efficiently

Samsung recently launched Galaxy Watch 3 and the company really did a great job on it. The watch is relatively very improved to its predecessors. Samsung added plenty of new interesting features to this smartwatch and you might not sure about how to use them. Don’t worry, in this article, we will share with you some fantastic tips and tricks to use Galaxy Watch 3 effectively. So without wasting much more time, let’s get started. Here we go!

Watch Face

Galaxy Watch 3 features a variety of watch faces, you can get from a very minimalist design to one with a lot of information like a smartphone. You just need to choose the watch face according to your taste. You can even choose a watch face that shows weather information in your area. This watch face basically changes according to the weather in your area. You will see raindrops on the dial of the


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