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04.08.2021 15:16

How To Control Your Computer Using A Mobile Phone

Having a remote control for your computer is advantageous in many ways. The remote control helps when you are not at home and need to access some essential files from your computer, you use a system excluding monitor, or you wish to control your home theater more easily. 

To get a remote-control facility through a mobile phone, you can try a remote desktop client to gain content on your mobile or tablet from your PC. A desktop client is a good option, but using it for you may be complicated. If you are an upper-level user, you can go with it. If you consider a “mouse and keyboard” app, you will not get video or sound. After all, you will need a robust internet connection on devices to access remotely. Let’s see the fantastic tools for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.      

Google Chrome Remote Desktop


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19.02.2021 17:59

How to Add Free Live TV Channels on Fire TV Stick

In this article, we have discussed the ways using which you can add free live TV channels on your Fire TV stick.

You must be wanting to add some extra entertainment to increase your smart TV experience on your Fire TV Stick.So, what would work better than adding a traditional experience like the one you have on yourset-top boxes. No, here we aren’tdiscussing about adding Kodi and live TV addons, rather we are discussing about the separate Live TV section that Amazon has brought for the Fire TV Stick users,where an individual can add free live TV channels and have their experience using the scrollable grid layout.The best part that needs to be considered is that several applications have already initiated the process to adopt the new timeline UI, and for that, they are making several changes to their timeline UI.


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23.01.2021 11:31

Video Games That Could Be Adapted To Make Great Movies

Video games have great stories in them. But for over 30 years, there has not been any film adapted from games.

There are so many incredible video games that can be translated into an incredible screenplay. However, the filmmaker must understand the theme and source material of the game.

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is available for Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation. The game was developed and published by The Collective and Atari, Inc., respectively.

The plot of the game begins in the New Radius Slums. It follows an amateur graffiti artist who runs away from home to pursue his dreams.

Film director, producer, and screenwriter Ryan Coogler would be the best person to adapt to the film.


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