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15.06.2021 16:44

Google Meet Will Now Tell You about Your Bad Network Connection

After the pandemic, most people are doing work from home. Internet consumption suddenly raised after the pandemic. Poor speed is a major issue for users. Companies are getting a lot of complaints related to network issues. Now, tech titan Google came up with a solution for their very famous app Google Meet.

Google Meet is offering a feature. The feature will send users a notification if their internet connection is damaged. This video chat app will provide tailored troubleshooting recommendations as well as quick action to reduce resource consumption. When users are unable to join the call, Google workspace will provide administrators with access to view examples and troubleshoot with the Meet Quality Tool. The Workspace Admin Tool has already been made available. While the new features of Google Meet have started on June 1.


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09.03.2021 17:13

What Is Other Storage On An iPhone And How To Clean It

When your iPhone doesn’t have enough space to store data, you can go to the Settings app to know what can be deleted to free up some space. If you want to know about your device’s storage division, you can see it on the iPhone Storage screen located in the General menu. You may find a section called ‘Other’ in the storage division having a large portion of the storage. This guide will let you know about the ‘Other’ storage section and how to clean it.

‘Other’ storage

It may be frustrating when you will find a storage section called Other having large storage space under the iPhone Storage screen. Apple lets you know all the storage sections except ‘Other’ by labeling them as installed apps, system files, multimedia, etc. but leaves Other as a mystery. You can consider this mysterious section as a place of storing data that aren’t stored under the categorized sections.


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18.02.2021 17:13

Fixed: Surface Pro Does Not Connect to the iPhone Hotspot

Surface Pro 4 is amongst the elite business laptops, and it is perfect for artists and graphic designers. You can paint right away on this laptop’s screen using a specialized sketching tool. Besides, it is also an ideal device for browsing the internet and connecting with the world. Your Surface Pro 4 can also use your iPhone’s hotspot to access the internet. All you have to do is activate the hotspot on your iPhone and then connect your laptop to it. However, some users are experiencing issues while pairing their Surface Pro with iPhone’s hotspot.

When your Surface Pro laptop doesn’t connect to your iPhone’s hotspot, it could be very frustrating and disappointing as you won’t be able to utilize the internet using your iPhone. Some items and factors can cause this issue, but you can actually troubleshoot this problem rather easily. All you have to do is carefully go through this article and follow every single tip that we are providing.


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22.01.2021 18:19

A Guide on Switching a Call, Message, or Email from Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple Watch is one of the most convenient devices offered by the company that can be used for multiple purposes, such as taking a call, sending a message, etc. Connecting and using Apple Watch is an amazing idea when you’re working out and can’t use your phone much. Not only this, but sometimes you might not have your phone around. Thus, the Watch helps you there.

Now that you’re familiar with what Apple Watch does, the big question that you might have is, what about times when you’ve to chat for longer durations? Undoubtedly, Watch isn’t very helpful in such a situation. Therefore, you’ll have to get back to your iPhone for the same.

If you’re receiving calls and messages on your Watch, you can instantly transfer them to the iPhone. How? Here’s what you need to know!

Transferring a Call to iPhone from Apple Watch

There are two situations when you could feel the need


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