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30.03.2021 20:26

Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Creative Concepting

While it is not uncommon for the creative teams to work remotely away from their office confines, being mandated to stay home-bound could be restrictive for a process that heavily depends on team chemistry.

Moreover, with a continuous flow of stories about selfless service, human sufferings, and the fragility of life as a whole, presumptions on human behavior probably need to or are being reconsidered, particularly when it comes down to creative thinking.

The big question here is – in this restored focus on “pure creative thinking,” has a notable change taken place in perspective and approach towards ideation? Is there a need to polish some meta-skills and to have a deeper connection?

According to Agnello Dias, Co-Founder Taproot Dentsu, and Creative Chairman, DAN, the frantic churn


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01.03.2021 18:03

Pinterest Powers up Creators With New Tools During Stressful Times

Pinterest’s Global Director of Creator Marketing, Colleen Stauffer, said that the content on Pinterest is about the people and what they want in their life. Further adding to her statement, Stauffer explained that the platform really tried to harness planning that turned into way more short-term amid the pandemic last year. They wanted to fit users in their current lives and the way they planned in the hour.

This ever-lasting pandemic not only changed our lives out in the physical world but also transformed our digital lives altogether. It shifted the demands people placed on familiar tools. Marketers must pay attention to these changes on social media platforms. The trends cut deep into the human experience for creators of these communities.

Long before the pandemic emerged, the platform knew the tendency for ‘pinners’ (a fancy name for Pinterest


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03.02.2021 22:33

How Can E-Commerce Startups Stand Out Using Digital Marketing?

Time has never been more favorable for eCommerce than now. In the light of the downturn brought about by this pandemic, eCommerce has given salvation for the businesses and customers worldwide to carry on a bit of pretense of a normal life amid the strenuous lockdowns. It was the fear of the coronavirus that led even the most traditional consumers and those from second and third-tier markets to look up their requirements online. And now, even as life is gradually stumbling back to normality, we all have become used to the new way of living our life the eCommerce upsurge is not showing any signs of dropping off, at least not anytime soon.

During this period, a significant shift has been observed in consumer behavior, with most people increasingly inclined towards online shopping, including many first timers. Moreover, according to reliable reports, the eCommerce sector is recording higher GMVs (Gross Merchandising Values) in contrast


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19.01.2021 19:13

Why Has the Pandemic Intensified the Need for Online Reputation Management?

Among the many other things, this pandemic has completely transformed how we shop for goods, with more and more people spending a bigger portion of our income shopping online. The dramatic upsurge in the net revenue of the eCommerce platforms, especially Amazon, serves as a perfect example of this. Simply put, for many online businesses, this has been the case.

If we look at it, we can clearly see how people are virtually living their lives online today. Need to buy something? Shop online. Want to connect with friends and family? Chat on social media platforms. Want to eat something? Order food online and get it delivered to your home! And the list goes on and on.

However, due to this drastic change and the digitally dominated world, brands’ online reputation has become more vital now than ever. That’s why it is crucial to make sure that businesses integrate online


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