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07.01.2021 07:47

Maintenance Of Extension Drilling Tools

First, in daily maintenance, pay attention to keeping the surface of mechanical petroleum machinery equipment dry. These equipment will inevitably cause some sediments to be left in the normal use process, which will increase the wear and tear of the equipment during operation. , Causing equipment loss at the same time, it is necessary to observe the bearing equipment and friction part of the equipment at any time. The article was originally published in the "Global Market Information Guide" magazine sponsored by the Literature Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Part of the temperature should not be higher than 70 ℃, once it is higher than this temperature, the equipment must be shut down to lower the temperature, and the cause of this problem must be found in time in addition, in the daily use of Reaming Bit, pay attention to listening The abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment, once some abnormal sound appears, it is mostly because the equipment


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