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04.12.2020 06:43

Foamed metal aluminum is usually a porous metal material.

Intro to aluminum metal foam

 Foamed metal aluminum is usually a porous metal material. The foamed aluminum after foaming is 8 times the degree of traditional aluminum profiles. It could efficiently save non-ferrous metal resources and make logical use. It has fine development prospects. The air permeability associated with foamed metal aluminum is very high. Almost all of which are connected pores and also the specific surface area belonging to the pores. Large, the bulk density with the material is small. Foamed aluminum metal can be used in the manufacture regarding purification, filtration, catalytic assistance, electrodes and other equipment in petrochemical, aerospace, in addition to environmental protection. Compared with the general sintered porous shiny, the metal material containing foamed pores incorporates a higher porosity and a larger pore size, up to be able to 7 mm. Since foamed metal is really a two-phase


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