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24.03.2021 22:04

SEO Copywriting: How to Fine-Tune Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

It is no secret that content plays a significant role in search engine optimization.

Copywriting helps brands convey their story, provides them an opportunity to strategize with valuable keywords, and also enables them to earn trust and loyalty among potential customers.

However, content is not enough on its own to make you successful and help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

In reality, it is your brand’s tone of voice that resonates with your target audience.

According to reports, two-thirds of customers worldwide say that a brand’s tone of voice enables them to establish an emotional connection to it.

Think of it as, if your content is the “what,” then your tone of voice is the “how.”

The tone of voice is how your message (content) sounds to the readers.


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03.03.2021 18:50

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Purpose

With time, conscious customers are changing how the market works. While deciding which brands to connect with, more and more customers today are concerned about more than just what products/services the business is offering. They care about the type of impact companies make in the world. While making a purchase decision, customers view brand purpose as a crucial factor nowadays. Therefore, if you ‘really’ wish to take your business to the next level, you need to have a sense of purpose – the one your target audience can genuinely relate to.

Having a potent brand purpose can distinguish your company from the crowd, believe it or not. Your brand purpose can make a significant impact on the way your company is perceived in the market, and it can also be the driving force behind your business’ success in the long run.

That being said, you might be wondering what exactly a brand purpose is? And why does it matter so much?


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30.11.2020 18:50

The Benefits of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Go back in time and recall this morning – do you remember that ad banner embellishing the news website you saw while you were headed to work? Or do you recall which brand’s commercial aired while you were tuned in to a radio? Or which company’s ad played while you were waiting for your video to load? It is highly likely that you will struggle to identify the advertiser.

Even the marketing professionals barely give any heed to these messages, so how can we expect an average fella to do so?

That’s where something changed – storytelling found its way in digital marketing and turned the world upside down.

Gone are the days when digital marketing was all about focusing on peppering the audience with the same message time and time again until their catchphrases were drilled into their heads. Instead, marketers


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