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22.06.2021 10:19

Reasons Why Nano-influencers Are Rising!

Who are nano-influencers?

Nano-influencers are people who have followers between 1000 and 10,000 and create content in a particular niche.

These are everyday people like neighbors, friends, and your cousin who is into watches. You may be a nano-influencer if you have 1000 influencers and a point of view with which people like. 

Today brands are collaborating with these nano-influencers to market their brand. 

You must be wondering why a brand would want to include nano-influencers in their marketing campaign when they don’t have massive followership like celebrities?

Reasons why brands collaborate with nano-influencers:

Trust and Engagement:


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08.05.2021 13:06

A Comprehensive Guide to the Secret Sauce of PPC Success

Automation in SEM is a powerful tool that is continually growing and evolving. What began as basic bid rules have developed to cover almost all aspects of an account and campaign.

To be honest, many advertisers are scared of automation as they feel that it takes away some degree of control from them, or they cannot see everything that’s happening behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, these feelings are entirely logical and hence should not be disregarded. It’s natural for all of us to want to understand and trust the tools we use.

One way to build trust in automation and confidently utilize these tools is to zero in on Input, Output, and Results. More importantly to focus on leveraging automation consciously and on purpose – matching desired results to automation features.

Integrating intent with powerful automation and intelligent human input will result in the secret sauce


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22.03.2021 22:23

A Short Guide to Launching a National/International Google Ads Campaign Correctl

Launching a fresh new ad campaign is thrilling as it could involve trying out a new strategy, platform, or even market!

That being said, new campaigns are costly too. They can be volatile as they get over the learning phases.

At times, account managers will invest copiously in the initial periods to dodge the learning phases, which means the return on ad spend (ROAS) will be lesser.

Suppose you want to launch a B2B Google Ads campaign that appears globally. It is highly advisable that you begin with limited locations. Start with a single market to test your ads and keywords and prove your ROAS, strategies, etc. And then, later on, you can expand to additional locations.

Typically, all ad campaigns need anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks at the minimum to get ramped up. At that


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05.03.2021 22:12

What Should You Do If You Have Duplicate Google My Business Listings?

Suppose you recently moved to a new place XYZ and you decide to order pasta for dinner. You go to Google browser and search for “best pasta in XYZ.”

On the search results page, you see numerous restaurants and cafes representing the best pasta in XYZ. So now, how do you pick one?

You go through their reviews and ratings. According to research from Think With Google, around 88% of customers trust online reviews just as much as they trust a personal recommendation.

But that’s not all you will probably also take the convenience factor into account. You’ll think of a lot of things like is the restaurant open till late or not? What is their exact location? What are their hours of operation?

After considering all of these, you finally pick one place to get your pasta delivered and call the


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03.03.2021 20:53

How to Make Your Business Prosper Amidst Digital Marketing Chaos

As for marketing, way too many marketers get into a rut where they do the same thing repeatedly and gradually get more declining returns. This results in lesser exposure and diminishing revenue. Generally, this takes place slowly and bit by bit until it reaches a turning point when the marketers, at last, understand that they need to take significant steps to get back in the game.

Marketing is undoubtedly a rapidly ever-evolving field. Therefore as entrepreneurs, we must keep pace with it to stay competitive and productive.

In the middle of this digital marketing chaos, it has really come down to adapt or die. The key is to proactively adapt eternally, not only to survive but to thrive.


There used to be a time when Facebook was like a dream come true for marketing professionals. However, if you ask about it from those same marketers today,


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03.03.2021 18:50

Everything You Need to Know About Brand Purpose

With time, conscious customers are changing how the market works. While deciding which brands to connect with, more and more customers today are concerned about more than just what products/services the business is offering. They care about the type of impact companies make in the world. While making a purchase decision, customers view brand purpose as a crucial factor nowadays. Therefore, if you ‘really’ wish to take your business to the next level, you need to have a sense of purpose – the one your target audience can genuinely relate to.

Having a potent brand purpose can distinguish your company from the crowd, believe it or not. Your brand purpose can make a significant impact on the way your company is perceived in the market, and it can also be the driving force behind your business’ success in the long run.

That being said, you might be wondering what exactly a brand purpose is? And why does it matter so much?


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23.02.2021 18:53

Everything You Need to Know About CRM and Why Do You Need It

When marketers talk about CRM, generally, they are either referring to the practice of CRM (customer relationship management) or CRM systems (tools that facilitate the marketing professionals to conduct customer relationship management).

If you look at it carefully, you will notice that these two are closely related. If you are thinking about crafting or refining a CRM strategy in your company, you would probably want to have a tool that helps you carry it out. But before we dive into all the technical details, let us start by asking a more foundational question – what is CRM, and why does your business need it?


When you’re just a small business startup hitting the trail with a couple of customers, you probably won’t need any help with memorizing their details like what they do, how they became your customer and other specifics that compose the relationship between


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19.02.2021 22:41

Understanding Branding vs. Marketing – the Difference and Its Importance

People hear the term ‘marketing’ so many times, and yet they fail to realize that there is so much more below the surface that goes into ‘marketing’ a brand.

For instance, there is branding then there is marketing.

Marketing and Branding.

Branding and Marketing. Honestly speaking, things can get quite complicated without having clarity on the basics in the first place. So, to begin with, marketing and branding are two different things, and without knowing the difference between them, it is impossible to understand why your business needs both.

Probably by now, you might be wondering what it is that you need to know about them. And that’s exactly what this blog will discuss.


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12.02.2021 19:23

Video Marketing: How to Determine the Ideal Length for Your Videos?

Are you familiar with the term “video marketing?”

Well, in case you are not yet aware of it, you should know it is incredible! And we are not just saying it reliable data back this statement. You can look up the statistics on the web yourself!

Customers are increasingly purchasing from brands whose video ads they have viewed earlier. In fact, video marketers also agree that videos help them make their target consumers better understand their brand’s products and services.

When it comes to video marketing, businesses typically get stuck with two primary questions:

  • What type of videos should we create?
  • How long should our videos ideally be?

That is precisely what we will discuss in this blog to help you successfully make the most out of


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01.02.2021 18:14

What Is Meant by Pogo Sticking in SEO?

Have you ever heard the term “Pogo-Sticking” before? Maybe read it in some marketing or SEO article? Well, if yes, then the chances are that you have tried to look it up and discovered that, in reality, it is not as fun as it sounds. However, if you are still not aware of what it is about, continue reading to find out.

The term “pogo-sticking” in SEO was coined by Google itself. This term describes what happens when a visitor lands on your website from a SERP and then returns to the search engine results page, exiting your site. And from there, they click on the next search result and visit another website. Now, this right here is the worst possible case in SEO, and we just can’t exaggerate it. Forget about high bounce rates, low times on-page, or any other metrics that you have been told to be concerned about for SEO – this is worse than all of these.


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29.12.2020 17:27, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Understanding the Evolving Role of Data Analytics in Digital Marketing

From Digital Marketing’s rise to evolution, data analytics has played a paramount role. If you look into it carefully, you can actually feel it fueling the digital marketing’s engine. However, your data’s quality and the inference you draw out of it determines your digital marketing efforts’ success. As per reports, the majority of the global population is actively using the internet today. This results in a prodigious amount of digital shadow, allowing the marketers to go to great lengths by examining consumer behavior.

Understanding consumer behavior, presenting appropriate offerings, and targeting them has always been marketing’s essence. However, data has introduced much-needed accuracy to be present for the right people at the right place and that too at the right time. Not long ago, most marketing efforts used to rely on conjectures since there was no ready-to-digest analytics available to tell us if the idea


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01.12.2020 17:31, Австралия Смотреть на карте

4 Ways Twitter Ads Are Perfect to Grow Your Small Business

In this digital era, Twitter can be an excellent marketing channel to drive traffic and generate leads.

As a matter of fact, a good majority of Twitter users follow their favorite small businesses online. Even the big brands like Google and Amazon have official Twitter accounts and boast a massive following on the platform.

Undeniably, Twitter is a popular communication channel for millions of internet users worldwide, ranging from the most famous people like celebrities to the most influential people like presidents.

However, it can be really easy for your organic post to get buried deep somewhere in this ocean of posts considering the millions of tweets sent out daily.

However, this may come as a surprise, but this is also one of the reasons Twitter Ads can be extremely


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