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13.01.2021 19:19

Ways Digital Marketing Strategy Can Help Boost Sales Even During a Crisis

Earlier businesses employed the brick and mortar model to become successful by giving customers a reason to visit their physical stores, such as compelling experiences coupled with live events and unique exclusive in-store services. This approach proved effective in driving more visitors to their shop and boosting the conversions. It typically made clients stay longer, purchase more products, and thus spend more with them.

Then as if the market competitors weren’t enough that the pandemic arrived out of nowhere, becoming the real competitor for brick and mortar business establishments. Companies responded to this crisis with all their power, and while some emerged as winners, some unfortunately failed. And now the businesses have found the correct solution against this pandemic – having a robust digital marketing strategy.


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27.11.2020 16:30

Understanding Marketing vs. Sales: Which One Is Best for Your Business

Being a small business owner, you might find yourself thinking about whether marketing is more critical or sales. Or whether you should pour more money into your marketing efforts or employ an iconic sales team.

Honestly, we have tried our hands at both to expand our business, so we are savvy about capitalizing on both these strategies effectively.

In this blog, we will throw some light on this topic and help you analyze the pros and cons of both methods for your exclusive business!

But before diving into which strategy you should choose for your company, let’s first discuss marketing vs. sales.

Marketing vs. Sales

Let’s understand this with an example.


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