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02.11.2020 11:21

As a humanitarian relief worker, my mood is always contradictory

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A teenage boy, in the process of chopping wood with an ax, accidentally stepped on his foot. He dragged a 10 cm wound for three days and three nights to come to our hospital. Even if the foot is not injured, three days and three nights can be a great challenge. When we came to the Chinese hospital, we analyzed and treated his wound condition, injected an antibiotic, and he went home three days later. You can imagine that without us, his foot might have been infected and had to be amputated.

The rescue mission in South Sudan was my closest to danger.無國界醫生的首要目標是以最短時間到達受影響地區,使我們可以展開救援行動。 About 500 meters away from the hospital, there was a small attack. At that time, there were two law enforcement officers who wanted to arrest a drunk prisoner.


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