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17.09.2020 12:16

Transformer Oil Filtration System – Basic Method

Previously, the most common transformer oil dehydration processes were centrifugation and filtration. In the former case, the centrifugal force separates the processed media into several layers. Centrifuges can remove only emulsified water. This is not enough, so the process is usually only used as a preliminary stage of oil purification. Besides, centrifuges are quite power-hungry.

Using Transformer Oil Filtration System significantly improves the dielectric strength of oil and the quality of transformer oil dehydration. Yuneng manufactures the Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, designed for various processing rates. This Oil Filtration Machine dehydrates the oil by passing it through a molecular sieve in sorbent cartridges filled with granulated zeolite.

Another efficient method of transformer oil dehydration involves high temperature and vacuum. First, the oil is heated hot oil passes into a vacuum chamber. The combined influence of temperature and vacuum


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