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If it means that I can't go to the nba 2k21 mt

Let me make a player with out these tough caps. He's a celebrity. Not a celebrity. I can not even get near him. Irving has 44 in shooting. If it means that I can't go to the nba 2k21 mt park and play - I'm fine with that. Or just make a soft cap which states"At the Park you'll be inside these limits".

Something like that. Just allow me to play with with my own player with all the freedom I want.NBA 2K21's PS5 Load Time Is Extremely Fast Visual Concepts and 2K Sports announced NBA 2K21 at the PS5 reveal event giving fans their in-engine look at the next variant in the hugely popular basketball series. In a protracted version of the NBA 2K21 trailer revealed at the PS5 show event, New Orleans Pelicans power ahead and 2K Games spokesman Zion Williamson talked to Visual Concepts co-founder Greg Thomas about NBA 2K20.


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