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The NBA has been stormed by giannis Antetokounmpo because its latest superstar after years of growth. He's evolved into an absolute celebrity, helping his struggling franchise. And he has done it at only 25-years-old. Antetokounmpo was a four-time NBA All-Star before turning 25, also was the league MVP of last year. While he has he's without a doubt deserving of the top spot in nba 2k21 mt coins.

Lebron James has become the figurehead of the NBA for nearly a decade. But with NBA 2K21, we'll only be taking a look at exactly the 2019-2020 NBA year, and Lebron James' production within an LA Laker. With all of Lebron James' work in the 2019-2020 NBA season, a year where he has awakened his passing game even further while slowing down his scoring, we would have to say James will maintain his NBA 2K20 evaluation of 97 overall.


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