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04.09.2020 12:35

Oil regeneration equipment regenerates oil in steps 4 views 0 replies

Most power equipment is using transformer oil for its dielectric properties for cooling, insulating, and protecting the active parts. Transformer oils are highly refined oils that consist mainly of a mixture of hydrocarbons. Over time, oxidation by-products start to form in the oil. Increases in oxidation by-products result in the increase of acidity (neutralization number) and decrease the interfacial tension of the oil. At this stage, sludge starts to form, and oil is losing its dielectric properties because it is getting old. To prevent further deterioration of oil and possible damage to the active part of the transformer, the oil needs to be regenerated. The transformer Oil Regeneration Machine regenerates oil in steps.

At the inlet of the equipment, oil is filtered through a coarse filter to prevent any particles from entering the equipment. It is then heated to the desired temperature to elevate the regeneration effect.


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