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04.09.2020 12:15

Features of Lubrication Oil Purifier

Features of Lubrication Oil Purifier:

1. High-performance water, gas, and particulate separation system, which can remove 100% of the free water and 95% dissolved water, 100% of the free gas and 95% of dissolved gases and remove 98% of 1 micron particulate. 
2. Minimizing fluid oxidation, maintaining lubricity properties and reducing aeration and acid build-up. 
3. Low watt density oil heaters and digital temperature controller 
4. High-quality filter elements with high dirt holding capacity, and filter elements can be cleaned or replaced.
5. Low maintenance requirements, minimal installation requirements and automatic operation


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04.09.2020 12:13

Lube Oil Purifier

Lube Oil Purifier from China oil purifier is developed to improve liquid quality by continuous removal of particles, sludge free water, emulsified and dissolved moisture from hydraulic and lube oils. The Lubricating Oil Purifier can remove 100% of free and emulsified water, 90% of dissolved water and bring water content down to 80 ppm by coalescence technology and vacuum dehydration, and removal of 100% one micron particulate by high precision fibre filter elements. VLF Lube Oil Flushing machine is an ideal system for maintaining the original property, ensuring optimal performance and extending the service life of hydraulic and lube oils. It also helps end-user reduce overall operational and maintenance cost of modern industrial lubrication systems.

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