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26.08.2020 09:36

Why Should You Use Twitch Studio for Streaming?

Twitch Studio is an automated setup used for Twitch streaming. It is an excellent way to stream without OBS settings or any other connections. In case, you don't want to use an Open Broadcast Software for streaming Twitch is the one for you.

Twitch Studio not only simplifies the process, but you can also use a chat stream along with broadcasting. Also, connecting with other Twitch users is easier than it had been.
If you're interested to know more about setting up a Twitch studio, below is a guide on the same.
How to Set up a Twitch Studio?

The steps to set up a Twitch Studio on your Windows 10 or Mac are:

  • Launch the Twitch Studio application on your PC.
  • Enter your Twitch account details in the log-in section.
  • ...>>>

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