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04.03.2021 06:45

Purchase Dth Hammer

1. DTH Hammer's drill rod body is made of high-pressure seamless alloy steel pipes, and the spiral blades are made of high wear-resistant T-shaped steel belts, which are welded by prestressed winding. The drill pipe joints are made of high-quality medium-carbon alloy, which has just been treated with real air-conditioning and high pressure forming. This series of products adopts four-way or six-way quick connection, which is automatically locked by a spring pin when in use, and is equipped with a U-shaped or semi-ring anti-off pin, so that the torque of the drill rod can reach the best state.
2. Geological spiral drill pipe Geological spiral drill pipe is based on the high torque performance of geological drill pipe, using single spiral blade or double spiral blade, processed and welded by prestressed winding process. It is used in coal mines and drilling projects, and is especially suitable


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17.12.2020 07:30

Lubrication Requirements Of Dth Hammer

     DTH Bit has been adopted by many companies due to its excellent performance and wide applicability to various mines. It is not only because of its own performance advantages, but also because of its convenient operation characteristics. Usually we will prepare a series of measures before using it. Before preparing to use the roof bolter, have you paid attention to the following? Let's take a look at the content of attention.
      DTH Bit use note:
      1. Whether each switch of DTH Bit is in the "off" position.
      2. Whether the place where DTH Bit is placed is strong and hard enough to support its work.
      3. Whether the water pipes and air pipes connected to DTH Bit are clean and unobstructed whether there is a filter at the intake end, and whether the water and air sources can be continuously supplied.


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20.08.2020 05:50

Construction Of Dth Hammer With Poor Geology

DTH Hammer construction method in bad geological formations
Through practice, the following two methods have been summarized for construction in poor geological formations.

a. Circulating drilling and filling hole method

In the sand and gravel system on the left bank of Xiaowan, our bureau encountered 2# shaft, Shuibuya power station 4# diversion inclined shaft, 4# bus shaft, traffic elevator shaft, and 2# and 4# diversion shaft of Sanbanxi power station. In the geologically poor sections such as faults, cracks, karst trenches, karst troughs or weak interlayers, the phenomenon of non-return water and sludge discharge from the orifice appears to varying degrees during the drilling process. All use the method of cyclic drilling and filling into holes for processing. The specific method is to prepare cement mortar


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13.08.2020 05:37

Introduction To Dth Bit Operation

1. Each time before drilling the DTH Hammer, the main and auxiliary hydraulic pumps should be started and run idling for 5-10 minutes to check whether the operation is normal. If abnormal noise and vibration are found, it cannot be started.

2. Every time the motor is connected and the oil pump is turned on to send power, attention must be paid to check the direction of rotation of the oil pump, and it is strictly forbidden to reverse the oil pump.

3. During the drilling process, clean up the debris around the drilling rig in time, especially metal objects around the pilot hole. It is necessary to check whether the parts are loose, whether the oil pipe is leaking, etc., and stop the machine immediately if the following conditions are found:

1. The oil temperature exceeds 50℃


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