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12.08.2020 09:25, г. Aistersheim, Австрия Смотреть на карте

Anime to Watch If You Love My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia enjoys a cult following in the anime genre. It has been a huge hit ever since its telecast in 2016. With the fifth season in the making, the fans currently await with bated breath for more action. But there is still time. The fifth season won't be coming soon since there have been delays in production this year. It is expected that the fifth season of the show won't be back until 2021.

It is no doubt that the delays are depressing. But, In the meantime, there are many shows that My Hero Academia fans can try out. Here is a list of anime that people who love My Hero Academia can watch.


The most obvious no-brainer recommendation for My Hero Academia fans is Naruto. Naruto is a story of


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