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11.08.2020 05:58

Master The Manual Corn Seeder Method

        Knapsack Fertilizer Machine makes people say goodbye to the era of manual harvesting of seeds. It not only improves production efficiency, but also harvests more clean seeds. Although everyone knows how Knapsack Fertilizer Machine works, do you know how it operates? Let me tell you below.
The Knapsack Fertilizer Machine is fixed on the rear suspension of the tractor via a suspension frame. The gearbox is connected to the output shaft of the tractor via the power input shaft on it. The machine is turned on, the loosening shovel is inserted into the soil, and the roots of the seeds are shoveled out of the soil. , The rhizome and the soil block enter the vibrating screen, and the soil block that wraps the seed rhizome is vibrated, and a part of the soil block is shaken off. The vibrated soil block and the seed rhizome enter the front conveyor belt, and then a part of the soil block is missed before transmission. The belt uses horizontal leak-proof rods and vertical pull rods to send


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