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06.08.2020 11:11

Yuneng's ZJC Lubrication Oil Purifier

Lube oil does not wear out! However, its lubricating quality tends to deteriorate over time due to contaminants such as dirt, sludge, metals, and water to name just a few. There are many different ways to remove these contaminants, some being more effective than others. Common methods include: strainers, filtration, settling tanks, and centrifugal type purifiers. In the centrifugal purification process, there are two common methods used. One method is the batch purification process where all of the oil is removed from a storage tank (sump, settler, etc.) by the purifier and is delivered cleaned to another reservoir.

This method is typically done on machinery that is not operating. The other method is the continuous process where the centrifuge takes a portion of the oil from a tank, cleans it, and recycles it back to the same tank. This method can be used on operating equipment but is not as fast or efficient as


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