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29.07.2020 11:44

Power Generation Tools-How To Design: Die Casting?

The design of die-casting parts must take into account the wall thickness of the die-casting parts, the fillet and demolding angle of the die-casting parts, the reinforcement ribs, the minimum distance between the holes and the holes on the die-casting parts, and the rectangular holes and grooves on the die-casting parts. There are several aspects of the machining allowance of the inserts and die-casting parts.

1. Design specification for casting fillet

Generally, all parts of the die casting should have rounded corners (except at the parting surface), which can make the metal flow smoothly when filling, and the gas is easier to discharge, and can avoid cracks due to acute angles. For die-casting parts that need to be electroplated and painted, the rounded corners can be evenly coated to prevent the accumulation of paint at the sharp corners. The


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