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28.07.2020 15:38

Demon’s Souls Remake Might Bring Back Tonnes of Old Cut Content and Upgrades

FromSoftware is bringing back the Demon’s Souls for PS5. The announcement that came last month shocked even the most ardent fans of the milestone RPG. It was surprising that, before this big announcement, FromSoftware made headlines because of another new RPG they’re working on called Elden Ring. And the fact that we’re receiving a remake means it will be more than just a remaster. Thus, fans can expect a lot of new stuff in this decade-old RPG world. WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT? Demon’s Souls had a significant number of enemies of varying powers and personalities. Whether big or small, each villain has been intricately detailed with a particular backstory or characteristic trait that explains their behavior. But a lot of these enemies ended up ‘on the floor of the film room.’ Many characters and specific maps didn’t make the final cut. Since Sony has announced a remake of the game on the PlayStation 5, we can expect these cut out villains and places to make an appearance in the new version.


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