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23.07.2020 11:33, г. Baandee, Австралия Смотреть на карте

When Will the Dragon Age 4 Arrive?

It’s almost two years since BioWare announced that Dragon Age 4 is in the making. In 2018 at The Game Awards, a short trailer of Dragon Age 4 was revealed. In the trailer, a lot of things were shown, and it was clear that the game is in the making. In the previous month, there was a screenshot on the internet that showed a dark atmosphere. Some of the fans recognized the image and said it was related to Dragon Age 4 because of Red Lyrium clumps. According to the image, players are guessing it would play a major role in the upcoming game.

BioWare also revealed that Dragon Age 4 is in development for PlayStation 5. Indeed this makes the fans more excited and sad at the same time because some fans wanted it in PlayStation 4 as well. Right now BioWare is silent about the further development information of their most popular RPG game. Although fans also assume that it will release in 2021, still the real question exists, when will Dragon


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