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03.09.2020 07:53

Modular houses are environmentally friendly and suitable for temporary living

Container cargo transport housing construction has greatly reduced the cost of the world's construction goods circulation. The global construction industry has completely changed the development of the global real estate economy and provided a solid guarantee. The container-like container building is called a modular house of standard scale and strength, and the work exclusively uses a large crate style to build houses and commercial residential businesses.

Modular houses can be reused, so they have a longer lifespan. At the same time, this type of building has sufficient strength. This type of house is a movable building. It can be directly and easily transported from one location to another, greatly reducing transportation costs. .

Modular houses are detachable, economical, and environmentally friendly, suitable for temporary residence. The interior of the movable house is also the same as the interior of the ordinary house. Many


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17.08.2020 07:09

The steel frame adopts variable cross-section to make the best use of materials

Basic introduction form characteristics of light steel structure warehouses:

1. Adopting a light roof can not only reduce the size of beams and columns, but also reduce the foundation.

2. In a multi-span building, it can be made into a large double-slope roof with a ridge, creating conditions for the drainage of long slopes. The middle column can reduce the span of the beam, thereby reducing the cost. The middle column adopts the upper and lower hinged swing column made of steel pipe, which takes up a small space.

3. The lateral rigidity of the steel frame is ensured by the support of the purlin, eliminating the need for longitudinal rigid components and reducing the width of the flange.

4. The steel frame can adopt variable cross-section, and the cross-section is proportional to the bending


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06.08.2020 11:24

Light steel integrated building and ordinary steel structure building

Modern Light Gauge Steel Integrated Housing Integrated housing is a young and vigorous steel structure housing, which is widely used in office buildings, villas, warehouses, stadiums, entertainment, tourism, low-rise and multi-storey housing and other fields. It can also be used for story addition, reconstruction, reinforcement, shortage of building materials, inconvenient transportation, etc. The construction period is limited, and movable buildings are favored by owners. What are the characteristics of light steel complex buildings? Simplify the difference between light steel integrated buildings and ordinary steel structure buildings.

1. Using high-efficiency lightweight profiles, light weight, high strength, and small footprint.

2. Automated, continuous, high-precision production of parts and components, serialization, finalization and matching of product specifications. The dimensions of each part are very precise.


Автор: Статус: offline pthhouse   Теги:  light gauge steel 

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