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27.07.2020 10:21

Expandable container house can use your imagination

Autumn is approaching soon, which is the most beautiful season in the suburbs of Beijing. In this time when the sky is high and the colorful leaves are colorful, I heard that there is an outdoor leisure container camp in Miyun, which uses containers as guest rooms, which is quite distinctive. You can invite a few friends to visit and experience.

Living in a farmhouse full of rural flavor, living in such a container hotel hidden in the woods will have a special feeling. As soon as I entered the camp, I was immediately attracted by the colorful containers. Each container was painted in bright colors, and against the backdrop of the autumn leaves in the forest, people immediately fell in love with this place. Outside each container hotel room, the owner also thoughtfully designed a small terrace with a hanging chair, so that you can have a good place to release your laziness in your leisure afternoon.


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