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Stop PS5 from Randomly Shutting Down: Here Are the Fixes

Numerous PS5 users are reporting that the gaming console is turning off regularly. Also, they are saying that the PS5 switched off in the middle of the game. This issue spoils the whole gaming experience and if you are getting the same, here are some effective solutions to solve this frustrating issue on PS5.

Update the Firmware through UI

To update the firmware through UI, follow these on-screen step by step directions given below:

  1. Get started by holding the PS key on the PS5 controller to show the menu bar on the screen's lower side.
  2. Thereafter, reach the lower sidebar of the display and choose the 'Downloads & Uploads' option.
  3. In the menu of Downloads / Updates, click on the 'Downloads / Copies' option and pick the 'Update System


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DualSense controller

In this article, we have discussed how to use Create Button on PS5 DualSense Controller. The PS5 has brought up DualSense, its all-new controller, which is an upgrade over the previous-gen DualShock 4 controller, which use to be sipped alongside the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. This controller has bought several changes, and one of the biggest things you will observe is the “Share” button that has been named “Create” now. This button allows users to broadcast content, record clips, and capture screenshots. So, if you are thinking about how to start creating game media, follow the steps mentioned below to use “Create,” on your DualSense controller.

How to Use the Create Button in DualSense Controller

Using the “Create” button on your PS 5 controller, there are a certain thing that you can do. You will find yourself making use of this button to record video clips or take screenshots if you want to


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How to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5

Смотреть 'How to Set Up Keyboard and Mouse Controls in PS5'

The much-awaited gaming console of Sony Interactive Entertainment, PS5, has finally arrived. Like its predecessor, this gaming console is also a home video game console. PS5 offers a wide range of new features that includes DualSense Controller, Solid State Drive, Backwards Compatibility, and 3D Audio. And more importantly, it allows gamers to play their favorite video game using a mouse and keyboard. Thus, in this article, we will brief the gamers about setting-up a keyboard and mouse controls in their PS5. It is suggested to read this guide thoroughly so that gamers can avoid making any mistake.



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