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07.09.2021 10:25

How Devices Find Your Physical Location Using Wi-Fi

Is it possible to find your physical location using tech devices that haven't inbuilt GPS hardware? It may be possible with Wi-Fi. Let's see how it works. 

GPS and Location Services

Location Services come as a built-in system with operating systems like Android, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and iOS. When an app wants to access your location, it actually wants to know your OS's Location Services. 

Advanced Location Services follow different methods like GPS to access your physical location. If a GPS doesn't work, Location Services use some other approach to get a location. Let's understand how devices find a location when GPS doesn't work. If your mobile device utilizes a cellular signal, the location can be found using a signal source tower. The location can also be guessed as per relative


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15.06.2021 14:07, г. Adams, США Смотреть на карте

Best USB Wi-Fi Adapters of 2021

Now you can get Wi-Fi connectivity easily with the help of the wireless adapters. In this article, we will discuss some of the best USB Wi-Fi adapters of 2021.

The laptop or desktop built-in Wi-Fi doesn't work efficiently sometimes. The reason for it can be many. You don't need to get worried about it at that time as you can fix it by simply adding a USB Wi-Fi adapter to your laptop or PC. Adding a Wi-Fi adapter to your PC or laptop will boost up your laptop or PC's inbuilt Wi-Fi.

USB Wi-Fi adapters have a wide range. They come in different forms. They can either be in the form of small dongles or standalone units that occupy a larger space where you need to use the USB cable extension to connect your computer with them. You may opt for the USB Wi-Fi adapter according to your requirements still, some people may face issues regarding the selection procedure. So, here in this


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